DjKiRA Chillout Classics Mix


Im somewhat partial to ambient and chill music, especially during this time of the year where the weather heats up and the seasonal beverages are a’ chuggin. So it goes without saying that im always quick to jump onboard chillout mixes. That in mind, I was pretty chuff’d to notice that DJ KiRA had offered up a Chillout Classics mix on After a brief check on the track list I was happy to so see that I didn’t recognise a majority of the compilation, and surprised to note that the opening track was by ‘KLF‘ (remember those bad boys from the 80’s?).

So I jumped on the DL quick stix, and since then its been on heavy rotation. The mix itself has a great progression, starting out with ambient soundscapes and slowly moving into more prominent beat structured tracks. The mixing and transitions are navigated well, with what sounds like added audio samples triggered throughout. Even though it was recorded in 2006 I found that close to all of the tracks were new to my ears and it didn’t contain any of those overplayed MOS chillout anthems that most sets of this vein are usually littered with – dont get me wrong, im a fan of the cheesy side of chillout, but it’s always a breathe of fresh air when your introduced to music that’s new and different.

Overall its well worth the listen and a great addition to a summer play-list. If your up for some down tempo beats, or looking for something to put on in the background, make sure you get onto it.

01: Klf – Justified & Ancient
02: Optic Eye – The Listening (Aural Sculture Mix)
03: The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (Kira’s Majesty’s Intro Edit)
04: System 7 – Sirenes
05: Scanner – Arc
06: Another Green World – Global Horizon
07: Spooky – The River (Ambient Mix)
08: Amorphous Androgynous – Mountain Goat
09: Voodoo Warriors Of Love – Sweat
10: Paradigm Shift – Lullaby (Sunrise Mix)


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