Hybrid’s New Album in for mastering!


Yep, you read it. Hybrid’s new album has officially been completed and is currently being mastered for an early 2010 release! Excited much? FOOOKEN YES!

2 years in the making, this is Hybrid’s 4th artist album, and no doubt their most mature release to date. Per updates via the Distinctive Records website, they’ve announced that the album will be titled ‘Disappear Here’ – we hope the title wont be hinting towards any kind of break for the UK based duo, as their orchestral blend of progressive/breaks is utterly out of this world. And if their last release ‘The Formula Of Fear‘ is anything to go by, their new album might be heading back to a more live sound, reminiscent of their 2nd album, Morning Sci-Fi. Which is  great news for their live getup and a possible tour – an Oz stop would have to be in the works, right?!

Fans will also be happy to hear that they’re recording the entire string section live – a move they’ve adopted since they re-recorded their debut album Wider Angle. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, under the watchful eye of Andrew Skeet (who worked on their second album), are taking up the task and a few photos and an exclusive video have been released via the Distinctive Records website. Needless to say, it’s clearly way too big of a tease, and has definitely sparked Hybrid-fever in this mad keen fan. No doubt this release will be one of their finest, and by far (making the early call here) it’ll be one of THE electronic albums of 2010.

For those unfamiliar with the Hybrid sound, you’ve got several months to get educated and sort shit out before the new album hits. Mark my words, the wait will be worth it.

Hit the official orchestral recording video below – its sure to leave all Hybrid fans moist!

For more info check out the official news update via the Distinctive Records website HERE

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