Hudson Mohawke – Essential Mix


Hudson Mohawke – A name not many will be familiar with, yet is making huge waves in the somewhat underground glitch community after the release of his debut album ‘Butter’. His music is winning ears the world over and as time goes by, he’s helping convert more and more to the Glitch sound.

His talent as not only a producer, but also as a DJ is undeniable – he holds the crown for the youngest ever UK DMC finalist, claiming that title when he was only a mere 15 years of age! Can you remember what you were doing at age 15? I was in Yr 9 @ 15, where my main interests consisted of Nintendo and KFC. Needless to say, at such a young age it was clearly obvious that Hud Mo was destined for great musical achievements.

His latest BBC Essential Mix is one of those such achievements. Being one of the very few Glitch producer/DJs to be invited to compile and mix an Essential Mix, Hud Mo has done the series and the glitch community immense justice. The mix clocks in at just close to 2 hours, and in that 2 hours he covers every shade and colour that the Glitch genre has to offer – from the booming bass heavy beats, to the 8-bit driven constructs – it has it all. Take just one look at the track list and you’ll come to realize just how diverse the mix is. With a smathering of all the usual Glitch suspects and a large dose of Hud Mo’s original productions, you’ll also find a track from Tech-don Carl Cox (who would have ever thought you’d see the big black Cox on a glitch comp?!), and a plethora of hiphop, rnb and rap artists.

It’s one of those mixes that just grabs your attention, holds it, runs with it, and then smashes it sideways. You cant second guess anything that is going on – yet somehow it flows perfectly, doesn’t jump around and progresses fantastically.

Ultimately the mix is a diverse fuckload of tasty Glitch-Hop treats ready and primed for your consumption. It shows the diversity of a genre that is thriving in its infancy and proves beyond doubt that Hud Mo is a stayer.

Get onto this mix quick – your ears will thank you!

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

01: Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics [Fortified Audio]
02: Machine Drum – Sakatak [Unreleased]
03: Red – I Should Tell Ya Momma On You [Damfunk Remix] [Stones Throw]
04: Hudson Mohawke – Bopgunn V1 Instrumental [Unreleased]
05: Dorian Concept & Lil Flip – I’m A Balla [Patchwork Pirates Edit] [Unreleased]
06: Hudson Mohawke – Fuse [Warp]
07: Tiago – Babelfish [Beat Dimensions]
08: Rustie – Nekoo [Unreleased]
09: Starkey – Ok Luv [Planet Mu]
10: Hudson Mohawke – Ice Viper [Unreleased]
11: Hudson Mohawke – Overnight Celebrity [Unreleased]
12: Hudson Mohawke – Star of A Story [Unreleased]
13: Hudson Mohawke – Are You Feeling Hot [Unreleased]
14: Hudson Mohawke – Take My Hand [Unreleased]
15: Hudson Mohawke – Still On It [Wireblock/LuckyMe]
16: Hudson Mohawke – Pipes [Unreleased]
17: Hudson Mohawke – Chorduroy [Unreleased]
18: Hudson Mohawke – Photo 2 [Unreleased]
19: Hudson Mohawke – Waldo’s Gift [Unreleased]
20: Harmonic 313 – Scar (feat. Wiley) [Warp]
21: Princess – Say I’m Your Number One [Teldec]
22: Markis Sage – Creature Of Lagoon [Harmonia]
23: Redinho – Mo Brap [Numbers]
24: Krystal Klear – Boogie Wan [Unreleased]
25: Midnight Star & Usher – Touch That Midas Girl [Unreleased]
26: Becoming Real – Get Hype [Tough Love Records]
27: Free School – Grey Goose (feat. Kelis) [Whatcha Sippin On]
28: Ludacris – How Low Can You Go [Disturbin’ Tha Peace]
29: Redhino – Banger [Numbers]
30: Hudson Mohawke – Stay Fresh [Unreleased]
31: Lazersword – Trapperkeeper [Numbers]
32: Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying [Flying Lotus Mix] [CDR]
33: KGB Man – Africa [Unreleased]
34: Ply Girls – I Could Give You Reasons [Unreleased]
35: James Pants – Lickin’ Stick [Stones Throw]
36: Hudson Mohawke – Twistclip Loop [Warp]
37: Carl Cox – Let’s Do It [Bass Section Recordings]
38: Apple – De Siegalizer [Numbers]
39: DJ Seduction – Imp002 [Impact]
40: Becoming Real – New Kids [Unreleased]
41: Manix – Head In The Clouds [Knights J1]
42: Jjak Hogan – Frequency [FrequeNC]
43: Machindrum – Carry The Weight [Unreleased]
44: Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do [D1 Recordings]
45: Nacho Patrol – Futuristic Abeba [Hudson Mohawke Remix] [Rush Hour Records]
46: Slum Village – Dirty (feat. ODB) [Capitol Records]
47: The Pharcyde – Passin Me By [FlyAsPie Remix] [Delicious Vinyl]
48: Cloud One & Madlib – Unknown Interlude Track [CDR]
49: SciFi Stu – The Will (feat. Vast Aire) [Unreleased]
50: Terror Danjah – Bipolar [Unreleased]
51: Joy Orbison – J.Doe [Doldrums]
52: Lone – Sharpest View Of The Sun [Dealmaker]
53: Mwëslee – Eurocarne Snips Track 4 [Unreleased]
54: Hudson Mohawke – Monde [Uneleased]
55: Mike Slott – Snow Birds [LuckyMe]
56: Dimlite – Cotdam (feat. Pharrell) [Unreleased]
57: American Men – AM System [LuckyMe]

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

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