Kper – Live at IDA Italy, Dec 09


K-Per, our favourite Italian-born beats DJ, has just dropped a damn-fresh live set from a recent gig he did down in Italy. He was invited to be in-house DJ for a DJ Battle event where he ended up taking the stage for close to 6 hours over the course of the night. This set is a summation of what went down.

He bounced between DJ and MPC Battles – opening, warming up and closing. There was no specific direction given  to him prevent, instead the promoter just asked him to play what he wanted. The entire event was recorded and K-Per has put together around an hour of what he played, raw and unedited. The levels are a little over the place thanks to the sound-tech, but i think it helps to reiterate the fact that it is a live set, and when it comes down to it, DJs are human after all. 😉

Overall its a diverse set covering the glitch, hip-hop, dubstep and grime bases. Its a great representation of what K-Per is all about, so if you like what you hear make sure you track down some of his other mixes – most notably ‘Wonk Funk’. He’s also dropped a full run-down of the night on his blog, so make sure you head over if you want some more info on how the sent went.



2 Responses to “Kper – Live at IDA Italy, Dec 09”

  1. 1 Mouka

    What a good concept. I eagerly anticipate listening to it. Does it flow?
    Good write up too, Jslyde.

  2. Yeh, flows realllll nicely. As per-usual K-Per style 🙂

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