Burial & Four Tet – Moth / Wolf Cub


thubmnail icon: New Burial & Four Tet - "Moth" & "Wolf Cub"

A bit slow on the uptake here, I’ve only just come across the recent colab from Four Tet and Burial. A fan of everything the icey dubstep producer Burial (aka William Bevan) touches, and a newly introduced lover of Four Tet’s (aka Kieran Hebden) unique blend of hiphop beats and jazz elements, i was rather excited when news of the colab first hit my ears.  Needless to say i was quick to source out further information about the release.

The 2 track EP was released as a limited edition run purely on Vinyl – a move i have not seen done with the current digital trend as of late, i was rather impressed. The release was kept rather secretive, quite fitting taking into account Burial’s previous anonymity and all the hype that surrounded his ‘unmasking’. However, the most intriguing part about it was the mysterious presentation of the vinyl and cover art (or lack thereof). With no linear notes or details contained on the vinyl or sleeve, the EP has been released in a shroud of secrecy. Neither of the artists, nor the record label, have released any further information about the EP’s content or production. Possibly a smart marketing ploy, with the help of the electronic interweb its helped to spark a huge amount of interest from dubstep and EDM lovers from around the globe. Goes without saying that those outlets that were able to secure copies, sold out extremely fast.

Trademark elements from both artists are apparent in both of the tracks and it’s clear to hear that they’ve both had even contributions to both of the pieces. Burials trademark blocky wooden drum beats are used throughout, and Four Tet’s warm melodies and pads are used with precise purpose. Overall the two producers make a formidable duo and compliment each other’s styles perfectly. I dare say its a match made in heaven, and something i hope will be re-visited.

I wont delve too far into the tracks, but instead let the music do the talking.

Wolf Cub


For any interested in securing a copy check out listings on Discogs. I just ordered one via a seller and there’s a few more listings up.

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