Elite Force VS Yeah Yeah Yeahs [FREE 320 d/l]


Elite Force is at it again! The kid has been unstoppable, with just having finished completing his Australian tour, he’s straight back into business with yet another free Re-Fix. Following on from his previously released free Re-Fixes, this release is yet another DJ friendly high quality mash. He’s been hard at work cooking up a plethora of different styled tracks that he’s progressively been releasing in the lead up to the release of his upcoming ‘RE:VAMPED’ album. It should go without saying that im rather freakin excited about the release of the new album, and these free releases are definitely doing the job in keeping me anxious.

Anyway, per the email he sent round earlier last week, the track is: “a BIG room re-working of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s indie classic ‘Maps’ mashed together with large chunks of the JELO remix of Monolythe”.

I had only briefly heard ‘Maps’ via the radio and had never heard Monolythe, so for those that are also unfamiliar all you really need to know is that it’s a full 6 minutes of attitude driven ball-tearing Electro. It’s quite club friendly, and something you could easily drop upon a commercially minded crowd without looking like a cheese grater.

So head along to his website to hit up the download. Don’t worry about giving away your email – Elite Force’s mailouts are fantastic, aren’t sent too frequently and contain heaps of quality music related content. Win on all accounts imo.


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