Hybrid: ‘Disappear Here’ Release Date


As mentioned in my previous post on Hybrid’s upcoming album ‘Disappear Here’, the boys have now finished mastering and have set an official release for the new album! 29th March is the date and in the meantime they’ve planned to release their first official single, ‘Break My Soul’, as a free download via the Distinctive Records website sometime in February.

Distinctive have also worked up part 1 of a 3 part series of teaser trailers for the album – something to wet our appetite in the wait and get us fans even more excited then we already are. I had goosebumps just watching it, and despite the short duration, I think it gives you a good idea of where the album will be heading. The first single, which is previewed in part on the trailer, sounds absolutely phenomenal. Im really glad to hear that they’re staying true to their unique blend of orchestral and electronic elements – it’s truly a match made in heaven!

Anyway, check out the vid below – make sure you turn up your speakers and pop this puppy on full-screen!

For further info on the album make sure you subscribe to the blog. I’ll be keeping on top of how things are progressing and will be sure to post the other two trailers and the free download link of ‘Break My Soul’ once they’re live.

One Response to “Hybrid: ‘Disappear Here’ Release Date”

  1. 1 nicole

    This is really a awesome piece. I will need to include you to my RSS list.

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