UPCOMING GIG: J-Slyde @ Little P – Fri 5th Feb


Up until now I haven’t bothered using the blog for self-promotion – aimed to mainly concentrate on solid music related content that’s applicable to all. However, with the majority of readers mainly based in and around Melb, Aust, I thought there could be a chance that some might be interested. I know it may come off as a bit wankerish, all this self-promo biz, but if it’s any constellation I promise to keep event posting to a minimum. So when I do post about events, you can be guaranteed that they’ll only be of the highest standard and quality. After all, I’d feel embarrassed if people came along to a gig that wasn’t worth their time and effort.

And this event happens to be of no such exception! The krew down at Little P have been nice enough to invite me down for a massive 2.5 hour set! The Little P events have been running for over 2 years now, offering up the best beats Melbourne has to offer. Run by the one and only beat mistress MsStylz, they’ve solidified themselves in the Melb beats scene as a small yet solid krew that offer’s only the best in music.

Its my first gig for the year and a return to the decks after a lengthy 4 months break. I’ll be playing completely on Vinyl (how often do you hear that nowadays?!) covering everything in and around the ‘beats’ genre’s; breaks, dnb, hiphop, glitch, etc. It’ll be a down tempo affair, with nothing too full on. The venue itself is a cosy and intimate cocktail bar – so i’ll be playing music to fit the mood. Local favourite Tim Clarke will be opening the proceedings from 8pm and them im playing closing 10:30 – 12. Adding to that they’re running $7.50 cocktails all night AND its FREE entry! So if your in or around the Melb CBD on Friday night, get down! Will be a great way to start your night and id love to see from friendly faces 🙂

Full details below!

When: Fri 5th February, 8pm – 12am
Little Peninsula – 308 Little Lonsdale St, Melb CBD
Drink Specials:
$7.50 cocktails all night!
Facebook event: HERE

2 Responses to “UPCOMING GIG: J-Slyde @ Little P – Fri 5th Feb”

  1. 1 Teecee

    I will most definitely be there mate…looked at the venue online. Looks nice and intimate,hopefully conducive to some good acoustics,and flavoursome bevvies!

    Can you please drop that “Slippery and the Slippettes” choon…I love it,(almost as much as my Mum!)


    • Yeah, the venue looks great. I have a feeling iv been there on a parro mission…
      Anywho, it looks really nice. Should be a great night!

      And no doubt ill be bringing “Slippery and the Slippettes”… with any luck Slippery himself will be dropping it!

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