Anthony Pappa – Trust Us NYD @ Brown Alley


Our very own Melbourne boy Anthony Pappa has just dropped a golden nugget on his Soundcloud account. His NYD set from Trust Us in its full 3 hour entirety! For those that weren’t there to witness the progtastic set he graced the Trust Us crowd with, this is your chance to hear what you missed!

Im pretty ecstatic that he’s put this up as I was on the second level receiving a smashing from Elite Force and Rennie Pilgrim at the time. I did manage to catch the last 10 mins of Pappa’s set and came down to an absolutely prog-smashed crowd. People were littered everywhere, drenched with sweat and absolutely exhausted from being obliterated by Pappa’s prog-bombs. After hearing from my mates on what I missed out, I was well annoyed that I hadn’t ventured down earlier. However, looking back on it, I think I would have made the same decision – Elite Force and Pilgrim were insane all the same!

The set is solid Pappa style, covering every style of Prog you can think off – hands in the air fluffy stuff all the way down to attitude driven tech bangers. The progression the set takes is beautiful; peaking and dipping perfectly it’s clear to hear the magnificent musical journey he took the crowd on. It’s easy to close your eyes and picture yourself in the middle of the dance floor, almost as if you were right there when it was recorded – or for those that were actually there, it’s sure to catapult you right back to the moment in question.

So for those that missed out, make sure you set aside 3 solid hours and get ready for a smashing – Pappa style!

Anthony Pappa @ Trust Us @ Brown Alley NYD 2010 by anthonypappa

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