Really Pretty Lights

06Feb10’t you love it when you come across new music? An artist or simply just the one track that really makes you smile. With the digital formats taking front and centre and the ease at which an artist can now get a track out, electronic music has in my opinion, started to become a little stale. Artists and labels are tending to concentrate more on quantity, rather than quality. Gone are the days when a track was released and pressed to wax, it had to be good. It had to be certain beyond no doubt that it would sell the numbers. I think this type of quality has started to die. But I might save this rant for another blog post. The point im trying to make is that im finding it rather hard nowadays to come across fresh and new artists that really rock my boat. So im always amped when im introduced or stumble across a fresh artist that’s creating solid, well produced music.

Earlier this week via a random Tweet I was introduced to a producer named ‘Pretty Lights‘. What caught my attention at first was the high quality of his website. Produced entirely using flash it was a really smooth design that worked in offering an aesthetically appealing look whilst not loosing sight of the content it had to offer. Secondly, I was astounded to find that there were 4 full albums up for download. I thought perhaps they were samplers or really low quality rips, so I jumped on the download and was extremely happy to find that they were full and of 320kbps quality. I seriously could not believe it. 4 FULL albums, for FREE? There had to be some kind of catch – perhaps just half rate music? NAY. As I embarked upon my introduction into Pretty Lights I was astounded by the quality of the beats that were coming back at me. Needless to say I was converted instantly.

His his first album ‘Taking Up Your Precious Time‘ is full of Trip-Hop and down-tempo flavours. Reminiscent of Krush and early Shadow it’s bursting with soothing pieces that would go down well on a sunny Sunday arvo. Probably my highlight of the four, it’s got “long player” written all over it. Im certain it’s the type of album ill be coming back to in the years to come. The quality and consistency throughout makes for a really enjoyable listen. you listen through his other 3 albums it’s quite easy to see the progression his music has taken. Whilst his first album is down-tempo, ‘Filling Up The City Skies’, his second 2 disc album, shows a definite increase in tempo and vibe. Disc 1 is general hip-hop. Still on the down tempo vibe its not as chilled as ‘Precious Time’, but still contains relaxing elements and luscious beats with a real funky element to them. Disc 2 takes the mood up a little and moves into Glitch territory. Not hard-core Glitch, but something the Glitch-Mob were to make if they colab’d with Parliament. The addition of vocal snippets and sampling is well placed throughout yet not overused. Still tending on the funky tip, the music shows a strong components of electronic elements. latest album ‘Passing By Behind Your Eyes‘  takes it up a notch yet again and solidifies his stance on Glitch. Again still with a strong funk element to it, everything on this is upbeat, laden with bass and heavily dance-floor orientated. Strong production and well sequenced beats make it a sure-fire winner for any hip-hop or glitch DJ/fan. It seems as if he’s moved away from the down-tempo stylings of his earlier work and into glitch in an attempt to make the music more appealing and perhaps in a ploy to make the move into the live art-form. Via his website and twitter I noticed a fair few gigs, so im sure that has had something to do with the direction of his music. It’s definitely made for an extremely broad range of production and something im happy to hear. Artists nowadays have a real tendency to make the same sounding music over and over again, so it’s a real breath of fresh air to hear variety in his music.

SO, long story short, Pretty Lights makes fantastic “not-shit” music. Something that will appeal to all beat heads, no matter how broad or one-eyed your music taste is. Hit the downloads and let the conversion begin.

DOWNLOADS:(right click, save target as)
Taking Up Your Precious Time
Filling Up The City Skies – Disc 1
Filling Up The City Skies – Disc 2
Passing By Behind Your Eyes


3 Responses to “Really Pretty Lights”

  1. 1 backseatbarista

    Thanks for giving me the heads up on this guy! Top notch quality music!

  2. good find

  3. Thanks for the comment’s guys. Glad others are appreciating the music 🙂

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