Kper – Wonk Funk

19Feb10 of you may already be familiar with DJ Kper’s ‘Wonk Funk’, so please don’t get annoyed that im posting up old stuff cause it’s one of those mixes that’s just too good not to share. So whilst it may be old and some of you may have already heard it, those of you who have not NEED to give it some time.

When I first heard it in mid ’08, it introduced me to the hip-hop spawned ‘glitch’ genre and single handedly sparked my interest in a genre that is now one of my favoured. I can still remember stumbling upon it on some random music forum and reading the countless comments praising the track selection and general awesomeness of the mix. Released before the term “glitch” had been widely accepted I vividly remember a user classifying it as “futuristic hip-hop”. Futuristic was such a fitting term for the music was contained within. I’d never really heard anything quite like it – the beats and flavours were reminiscent of hip-hop, yet the tracks were extremely bass heavy, almost similar to that of dub music. The electronic influence was also immediately apparent, with a bevvy of crunchy 8-bit nintedoesque sounds and digital synths throughout. To my ears it was a match made in heaven and it introduced me to a whole new genre and many new artists that id never previously heard of.

Kper uses the mix to highlight the new generation of producers and beat makers hitting the scene. He uses interview recordings by numerous artists and triggers them throughout the mix to give a somewhat sonic narrative to the music he’s playing. It helps illustrate the producers’ fresh approach to production, and attempts to show how they have helped usher in a return to the hip-hop movement.

The mix in itself is attitude driven and modest all the same. None of this ghetto rap bullshit; just well produced beats and heavy bass lines. In short, if your a fan of hip-hop this mix is a must for your collection, and if your new to the glitch sound, it’s a great starting point. I hope that you can get out of it as much as I have!

DURATION: 80 mins
QUALITY: 320kbps
SIZE: 180meg



Dilla beats intro
2tall – Killa – Unreleased
Dabrye – Truflle no Shuffle – Ghostly
Flying Lotus – wwwdot – July Heat
Heralds of Change – Sittin On the Side – All City
Piano Overlord – Track 3 – Money Studies
edIT – Laundry – Planet Mu
Dabrye ft Jay Dee and Phat Kat – Game Over (Flying Lotus remix) – Ghostly
FLYamSAM – The Offbeat – Ghostly Swim
Nosaj Thing – 1685 – unreleased
Bullion – Rude Effort – One-Handed Music
Harmonic 313 – Problem 7 – Warp
Bass Clef – Zero Eight Zero – Blank Tapes
Waajeed – Get Live – Fat City
Flying Lotus – Massage Situation – Warp
edIT – Certified Air Raid Material – Alpha Pup
Danny Breaks – Jellyfish – Alphabet Zoo
Heralds of Change – Work it – All City
Take aka Thomas 2000 – Lie-Twerx – Eat Concrete
J Dilla – Lightworks – Stones Throw
Ras G – Random Selection – P-Vine
Samiyam – Cheesecake Backslap – Hyperdub
Mike Slott – Knock Knock – All City
Take – Slouched Over (12? edit) – Inner Current Recordings
Ooah – Hacksaw – Alpha Pup / GM unlimited
Hud Mo – Ooops! – Lucky Me x Wireblock
Megasoid – Soundbwoy Bass (inst) – unreleased
FOOL – Slaves (2tall remix) – Huw + Haw
Harmonic 313 – Call To Arms – Warp
Dabrye – Temper – Ghostly Swim
Joker – Gullybrook Lane – Soul Jazz
Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie remix) – Hyperdub
Quarta 330 – Sunset Dub – Hyperdub
Ikonika – Please – Hyperdub
Machinedrum – Don’t Ask Me (Sped up and Cut up mix) – Norm Rex
The Bug ft Spaceape – Fuckaz – Ninja Tune
Daedelus ft Paperboy and Taz – Touchstone – Ninja Tune
Heralds of Change ft Olivier Daysoul – Bopgunnn – All City
FOOL – Drama (Rustie remix) – Huw + Haw
Samiyam and Hudson Mohawke – Eff This – Red Bull
Flying Lotus – Camel – Warp
Hud Mo – Still On It – Lucky Me x Wireblock
Ghislain Poirier – La Ronde – Musique Large
Rustie – Clipper – Stuff
J Dilla – Trucks – Stones Throw
edIT ft Jay Dee and Phat Kat – The Game is Not Over – Alpha Pup / GM Unlimited



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