J-Slyde – UnPrepdTech


Iv been on a massive Tech-house and Minimal binge as of late. There’s something that I find extremely rewarding when mixing with said genres. Those slight adjustments and little tweaks that can totally change a track. Or the way the tracks are used as building blocks, enabling you to create and structure a musical journey.

The other night I came home a little tipsy and feeling fairly motivated. Earlier in the day Id been introduced to Gui Boratto’s remix of Massive Attacks ‘Paradise Circus’; a lush and cruisy minimal rendition of my favourite track from ‘Heligoland’. I was on the lookout for some fresh similar sounding music when I came across a handful of fantastic sounding tracks via beatport. After a 10 min trawl through beatport id bagged over 15 tracks. So I decided to hit the download on them all, and promptly mapped out a mix structure I thought would work. Once the download was completed, I burnt 2 CDs, turned on the CDJs and hit record. What came out was a fairly unprepared mix, and although a little rough around the edges, I think worked well under the restrictions and time-frame.

It’s kind of testament to the digital age we currently live in – spend a few minutes online, download, burn to CD and you’re ready to go. No need to even leave the house. So as much as im a vinyl purist, im never one to blindly restrict myself and can definitely see the appeal that the digital approach to DJing now offers.

Anyho, this is my take on a tech-house and minimal mix. With only 15 mins of preparation and a small amount of pre-listen time on the tracks, Im fairly happy with how it turned out.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think! 🙂

Quality: 320kbps

Duration: 82 minutes

Direct download:
Via Soundcloud

One Response to “J-Slyde – UnPrepdTech”

  1. 1 el

    it’s-a nice-a mix-a!

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