March Musical Madness


I’ve been kind of slack with updating the blog as of late. Busy in the midst of organizing Substance’s 2nd Birthday event, and trying to get the new Substance website online. It’s kind of taken up all of my spare time and unfortunately the blog has had to take a back seat. Anyway, over the last few weeks Iv come across a truck-load of really awesome music that I’ve been keen to share with you all. Hiphop, breaks and glitch have all been on the menu. Read on for a full run-down!

Pretty Lights – Making Up A Changing Mind

Pretty Lights has just released his latest freely downloadable EP. Following in the steps of his last album ‘Passing By Behind Your Eyes’ it makes use of his coined electro-dubstep-funk-glitch hybrid sound he’s got going on. Only comprising of six tracks each offering stands out in it’s own right with no fillers or down points. The six tracks are all of the usual high production quality that PL has become so renowned for.
I must say however, that although extremely well produced in it’s own right, I couldn’t help get a little bored of hearing the same old beats coming from him. On the linear notes of the included text document he delves in to the reasons behind the album and states that “this album speaks to the importance of adapting in a changing and surprising world” – I personally cant hear that his sound has changed or adapted that much since his last album, so I find it confusing why he’d say something like this. He’s planning to release another two EPs in the coming months to coincide with this release, so lets hope he uses them to show his diversity. I hope he takes a trip back to his older sounding down-tempo work as I’m finding it has more staying value then his newer stuff.


Elite Force – Pre:Vamped

Early last week Elite Force released his mash-up breaks album ‘Re:Vamped’. Just hours after the release every single on it had topped the Beatport Breaks chart from 1-15, with those same singles all coming in under the overall top 50 chart – A feat not previously achieved by an artist as far as my knowledge goes. Needless to say, this album is set to breathe life back into a dieing genre.
In the lead up to the album drop he released a handful of free tracks over the space of about 3 months. They gave an idea of what to expect from the album and set the stage for what has been hailed as one of the best breaks compilations/artist albums of the decade. I cant go on about this album enough, seriously, if you’re even remotely interested in dance music, download this and go buy his album. You will not be disappointed.

DOWNLOAD Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It

edIT, Boreta and Ooah, whom make up the infamous Glitch Mob, have released the first single from their upcoming artist album ‘Drink the Sea’. May 25th will mark the release of their first artist album, and if the hype (and this single) is anything to go by, it will be large. Judging by their previous remixes and original tracks, they’ve coined a unique and highly attractive glitch style. Attitude driven and extremely well produced beats have made for a great combination of music that has really helped to put the glitch genre in the spot light.


3 Responses to “March Musical Madness”

  1. Good shit, man. Pretty cruisy minimal.

  2. 2 Misty Claudia

    i love it!!!

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