Bassnectar – Magical World feat Nelly Furtado

06Apr10’s great to see the ways in which artists are attempting to combat the current issue of pirating and illegal downloading. The internet has become the basis of a worldwide network where finding any piece of music can be easily done online for free and with little effort. To stay ahead of the game and keep their fans loyal to their music artists are beginning to take advantage of the internet and the technology if offers. Adapting to the online world is now done out of necessity rather than out of choice and as a result  it’s become common practice for artists to offer up free mixes, tracks and bootlegs in order to appease their fans online downloading habits.

Bassnectar is one such artist that’s taking advantage of the internet, by using various online resources in a way that’s beneficial to his fan base and music sales. Over the past year he’s been pumping out free bootleg remixes of popular tracks to assist in broadening his musical appeal. Putting his own Bassnectar spin on these remixes, he’s transformed them into his own whilst still holding on to their commercial appeal. Dropping them in his sets, which are also at times offered up for download, he has used them to stir up interest with fans and DJs from around the globe. Just recently he released his latest offering – a remix of Nelly Furtado’s ‘Turn Off The Light’. Originally a pop track that gained fame in the top 40 way back in 2001, this track received heavy air play around the globe.  Using the appeal of the original to his advantage he’s crafted a hugely popular commercial hit into a bass heavy dubstep crossover tune that many people will instantly be familiar in hearing. A track that is sure to interest many ears, it’s music you could use to gently introduce uneducated ears to dubstep, yet it also has enough of a fresh feel that you could easily hear it played out live in club land. far as I can tell, there aren’t any of the original beats used in Bassnectar’s remix – instead he has used elements of an original track of his called ‘Timestretch’, to accompany the vocals of Furtado. Edited and warped, the vocals have been reworked over the new beats in a very unique way. At times they sound as if they’re being stretched or bent ever so slightly. It somehow adds to the effect of the blaring bass and whipping kick snares of Bassnectar’s rework; everything intertwines to form the one cohesive track and by using the vocals he helps to create a rather emotive and attitude driven piece of music. Ultimately it’s a remix that has, instead of just attempting to re-create the vibe the original created, formed an entirely new piece that adds a whole new element. It displays the skill and intelligence of a very talented producer and demonstrates that his work is definitely worth forking out your hard earned for tangible copies of his music.

Head on over to his website to download a free copy of the remix in high quality 320kbps format. You’ll have to offer up your email in order to do so, but being on his mailing list will ensure you don’t miss out on any further free downloads.


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