Unkle – An Introduction (Part 1)


Unkle’s new album, ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, is set for release on May 10th. An avid fan of everything Lavelle creates under the Unkle banner, I’ve been following them ever since I was first introduced. From their first album, the hip-hop orientated ‘Psyence Fiction’ to their last release, the alternative-rock ladened ‘War Stories’, I thoroughly enjoy everything they touch. Never ones to stick with the one sound and forever changing with the times, WDTNF is set to break new ground for the group.

In the lead up to the album they’ve released an introductory video that delves into the inner workings of the creative process. A 4 minute trailer, it gives a great indication of what to expect – although one can never be fully prepared for an Unkle album, it’s still good to have the opportunity to sneak a peek at a few of their new tracks and how they were constructed.

The video contains interviews from James Lavelle, Pablo Clements, James Griffith and other various artists that assisted with the album. With a soundtrack consisting of their new work, if anything, its a great chance to get an idea of where they’re heading with the new album. From my ears-point perspective it’s sounding reminiscent of 70′ psychedelic rock – a sound they briefly touched on in ‘War Stories’. Whatever the case, it’s sound phenomenal and even if your not familiar with the group, it’s still worth a listen. Hit the link to view the video – bloody wordpress wont let me stream it 😦

View the video here:

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