Mouka – “5″ [Ableton mashup Mix]


MoukaIm extremely picky when it comes to the mashup style, shit lets be truthful, I’m picky with all the music I listen to,  but its safe to say I’m slightly more critical when it comes to zee mash. I adore forward thinking music and find that a majority of mashup DJs tend to regurgitate the same old ideas over and over again: Drop well known track, play for a few bars, drop another, rinse and repeat. The mentality of “seen one mashup DJ, seen them all” in most cases rings true. The majority aren’t trying to push boundaries or do something different, they’re content in doing the same shit and trying to sound like everyone else, with the only real goal of getting a reaction from the crowd.  I think it’s testament to the fact that a mash DJ strives to be as accessible as possible by playing music that the crowd will recognize as apposed to most other styles of EDM where staying ahead of current music trends and playing unheard releases is the norm.

Over the last few years the mashup style has gained immense fame with thanks to artists such as Too Many DJs, Z-Trip and Girl Talk (to name a few). They’ve helped pioneer the sound by bringing the accessible style to the masses, and as such, its now seen as a rather attractive genre to play. The hype and crowd reaction that a great mashup DJ can conjure up is immense; correctly-timed-bomb-dropping can devastate a floor.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that it takes a fair amount of talent and something really special to get me interested in a mash DJ. And it goes without saying that Mouka is one such mash DJ. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia the man is somewhat of an undiscovered gem. An underground following, with thanks to Soundcloud, has begun to spark and with the motivation of new listeners and a strong pull for more live performances he’s been hard at work over the last year piecing together new mixes and tracks.

MoukaMouka’s mashup style is cheeky, playful and extremely technical. Staying true to the traditional mashup style he draws on influences from a plethora of genres yet the way in which he crafts and pieces together his sets and music is ultimately unique. There’s a constant flow and cohesion within his work that sits extremely well with the ears – something that I find is lacking with a majority of mashup DJs. More often then not I loose interest in mashup DJs that just blend in and out of a tune only giving you a sample of each – Mouka moves away from this tacky behavior to create musical journeys that are not only enjoyable for the commercial listener, but also appealing to the technical chin-stroker. His music is stuff you could hear at a wedding as much as you could hear it being belted out during prime time at a night-club.

His latest mix offering is testament to his technical wizardry in the art of the mashup and no exception to the quality he strives for in his craft. Originally put together and played to a live audience the man was nice enough to re-record the entire set after much demand from the fans. Touching on everything from head moshing rock, to pill-popping house, it’s everything a mashup set should be and more. The intro track of a mash of the Law and Order theme tune sets the stage well for an expansive roller-coaster ride that will keep you guessing, dancing, moshing, laughing (and if applicable, chin-stroking) until the very end. Get on the download, invite your mum round and turn up the volume!

All artists are listed in order of appearance in each mash.
Artists listed in brackets () have remixed the tune listed before their name.

1. IceT_Law&Order_Beats
2. IceT_Beats_Bassline
3. IniKamoze_MichaelJackson
4. Police_Tupac
5. JohnFarnham_Queen
6. Madonna_Lovin’Spoonful_(PeterVisti)_ThePhenomenalHandclapBand
7. Dokaka_Nirvana_BlackBox
8. Nirvana_KanyeWest_Blur
9. TheWho_AfrikaBambaataa_Beats
10. Prince_JürgenPaape
11. JürgenPaape_Muse
12. DaftPunk_GwenGuthrie
13. ChemicalBrothersInterlude
14. ChemicalBrothers_Guns’n’Roses_FelixDaHousecat
15. PlanetFunk_ColdWarKids_Beats
16. Prodigy_Beachboys_Bongos
17. JeffersonAirplane_(SchizoTheDJ)_CypressHill
18. Misfits_Texas_Beats
19. Bodycount_PinkFloyd_(Agent86)
20. JustinTimberlake_SantaEsmeralda_Beats
21. Nightcrawlers_TheTokens_Beats
22. BelindaCarlisle_LennyKravitz_Beats
23. BeatPitchUpInterlude
24. Radiohead_Muse_(FutureFunkSquad)_Beats
25. Radiohead_Bongos_Beats



Also managed to source out a brief video recorded during the performance:


3 Responses to “Mouka – “5″ [Ableton mashup Mix]”

  1. 1 Jesse Sphicks

    Just gave this a listen. Enjoyed the technical side of things but I would have to disagree with the ‘ultimately unique’ comment somewhat.
    When looking at the track list and listening to the mix I can’t help but feel I have listened to most of these tracks at one time or another in any number of mash ups out there. I find that I am also disappointed by the fact that I have managed to find a couple of other ‘Mouka Mash Up’ sets and a lot of the tracks in the mash ups have been carried over.
    I guess, ultimately, I agree with the technical know how. As far as technicality goes I would happily give it an 8-9/10. As for originality, I’m sorry to say I would only give it a 3/10.
    Look the review and the unique point of view though.

    • 2 J-Slyde

      Thanks for the comments Jesse! Really appreciate you took the time out to comment on the article 🙂

      Allow me to clarify a few points you made…

      In my eyes, the whole point of a mashup is combining music (well known or otherwise) to form a completely new and unique track – as such, the fact that you’ve heard the original tracks used throughout, i think, is what a mashup intends. Whether or not you have heard an element in the mashup, or even if you’ve heard a certain track used in another mashup, is besides the point – its the amalgamation of all the different elements that i think is what the artist aims for.
      For eg: You may have heard ‘teen spirit’, yet, have you ever heard it mashed up with Dokaka’s live beat boxing rendition, combined with samples throughout?

      When i said that Mouka’s mashups are “ultimately unique”, i meant in comparison to other mashup DJs. I for one have never heard a DJ construct anything even remotely close to what he does, so in my eyes, what he is doing is unique.

      As this mix was originally constructed for a live performance, i think the fact that he has re-used some of his older work can be overlooked. I reason that if he was to construct an entirely new mashup set purely for for the net, and not structured around a live performance, that it would contain entirely new material. Furthermore, the review wasn’t really conducted to make comparisons between his older mix sets, but done so instead to highlight this mix alone.

      Hope that clears things up for you and thanks again for the comment. Great to be able to subjectively discuss the music!! 😀

  2. 3 mouka

    Thanks so much J-slyde for the write up and the kind words! Also thanks Jesse for the feedback 🙂
    I wanted to put a few cents in as well, in regards to recycling tunes over the sets and other recordings. All sets have been performed live at one stage or another in the past 12-18 months and they are usually recorded a few days after each gig, or on occasion, at the gig. When constructing a set, I try and think of tunes that people can connect with, then put them into a progression. It can work well and it can bomb. But I always think of live performance.
    Sometimes I find a nice vocal and use it differently (a la Madonna like a prayer used both in Mix’n’Mash part one (over cheap thrills) and in “5” (over summer in the city & 5, 10, 15, 20)). It’s kind of like an evolution of using the vocal, and in that example used, I prefer the latter mash because it sits in the whole song, as opposed to just dropping a snippet of it like i did in Mix ‘n’ Mash part one. I feel that the tune is better used in “5” than previously.
    On other occasions I recycle a base-tune (main song) and swap the vocals (a la Track 10 in EDM Mash and Track 19 in I ❤ Substance). It's the same song but with different vocals. I did a similar thing with using Pink Floyd's The Wall in Mix 'n' Mash part one and "5". Although in this case it was using different versions/remixes of the same song. Again this is so the mash can evolve and fit into the set.
    And other times I recycle the whole mash tune (I have done it a couple times) over some sets. The reason for this is, as J-slyde said, it is for a live performance and some mashes work really well and people really respond to them. So I like to drop them again because I know the crowd will dig it. It's kind of like dropping a popular EDM tune in a traditional set. You know the crowd will go for it.
    Finally, I wanted to also note that in the earlier sets some mash ideas were form other artists. I heard what they had done and then tried to do something similar and perform it live. To try and recreate what they had done but in a live scenario with the same songs that make up the mash. In those cases I have noted that the ideas weren't mine, but I have executed them live. Doing this has given me ideas for other mashes using a vocal or base-tune in different ways or in different songs.
    Cheers both for commenting and listening. I am always keen for feedback and ideas so feel free to keep the comments coming 🙂

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