Himuro – 4P EP


Glitch-Hop is on the menu. It’s all iv been listening to lately. Iv been on a bit of a hiatus from other music. Ever find how you sway from genre to genre? One month you might be totally obsessed with a particular sound and that’ll be the only thing you listen to for weeks on end, and then as fast as it begun, it’ll stop and you’ll find it all sounding really stale? Well, over the past few months iv been on the glitch train, and I can’t see it sounding stale any time soon.

It’s such a flourishing young genre that has done nothing but go from strength to strength over the past year or so. With the sound being so new there’s so much quality with everything that’s coming out. There’s no rules or guidelines to follow, the new wave of glitch producers are just doing what sounds right. Breaking new boundaries with nothing to lose. They’re taking risks that most other electronic producers are too scared to – and it’s really paying off.

Everything that’s coming out just sounds so damn fresh. Almost weekly im introduced to a new track or artist that instantly grabs my attention. This week it was an artist named Humiro – a Japanese glitch producer hailing from Tokyo who’s been rocking his local scene since the early 00’s. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to stumble across a retweeted Twitter post of his announcing the release of his newest 4 track EP, the cleverly titled: 4P. Described on the download page as “wonky, glitchhop, breakbeat“, it’s something that I could quite easily see myself paying real money for. The 4 tracks are extremely well produced and are all unique in their own right. Rumbling upbeat, dancefloor friendly beats chock full of 3-bit bap. It’s music like this that’s testament to the melting-pot of culture that is Japan. They’re so quick to adopt new trends – be it in music or otherwise. And whilst this is one of my first introductions into the Japanese glitch sound, im extremely pleased with what I hear and will definitely be digging up more. It’s of a world-wide standard and easily comparable to a lot of the stuff coming out from the states.
Humiro, you have my attention!

So in summary, if you like your glitch, Humiro is an artist that you should definitely be taking more notice of. Start by downloading 4P. It’s free and it’s bloody good.



More on Humiro:

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