Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane (Xperiment Remix)


XperimentI love discovering new music, even moreso when I don’t expect it. It happened today whilst I was surfing Youtube for some Flying Lotus vid clips. Having a quick browse I noticed a video of a remix of ‘Do The Astral Plane’ – my favourite track from his new album ‘Cosmogramma’.

The original is a 120bpm discoesque number that saw FlyLo move totally out of his experimental glitch territory – whilst still holding that unique FlyLo sound, it’s a flavour he’d never previously covered and a direction id really love him to touch on more in the future.

Needless to say, I was quick to hit the clip. After an initial listen I was quite surprised with what I heard. The remix artist, a guy called ‘Xperiment‘ has totally reworked the original and made it into a boppy little glitchy number. Nothing too overbearing, it’s an unobtrusive remix that chugs along at it’s own pace. Almost unrecognizable from the original, rather then attempting to improve it he effortlessly slows it down and brings it into a whole new element.

All in all it’s an intelligent rework of an already brilliant track and something I think fans of FlyLo will find rather interesting.

And here’s the original for comparison:



2 Responses to “Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane (Xperiment Remix)”

  1. 1 mouka

    I really enjoyed the remix. I hadn’t listened to the original previously, so was quite surprised at the variance between the two.
    I liked the simplicity of Xperiment’s remix and his whole take on but a few elements of the original. I especially liked how Xperiment has used silence/cut out (1.27) like FlyLo did towards the end of his tune (3.58). Smart.

    • Yeh, the difference between the two really surprised me too. That was what initially sparked my interest 🙂

      Hadnt picked up on the cut-out at the end of the tunes. Mad props on the point out 🙂

      And thats so weird you listened to them backwards. You must give Cosmogramma a listen!

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