J-Slyde – BeatMe


Warning! Shameless self promotion contained within. 😉

Few weeks back I was booked for a down tempo hip-hop and trip-hop set. Genre’s Id never previously had the opportunity to play to a live crowd, and with being such a huge lover of hip-hop, trip-hop and all the beats genres (as you’ll probably notice from trawling through my blog posts) I was quite excited at the prospect of being able to offer them up to a live crowd.

The set went well and I got some great feedback so I thought id re-record it. Contained within the mix are a collection of some of my all time favs (Midnight in a perfect world, Paid in full, I against I, Peace) and some newer cuts that have been getting heavy airplay on my stereo (Green Shell Suit, Knowledge Be Born, When I grow up).

It’s definitely a mix that’d go down well in the colder months, so I hope that it’ll find some appreciative ears.

Download and streaming links are below. Comments very much welcomed!

Track Listing:
01. Hybrid – Green Shell Suit
02. DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World
03. Emancipator – Shook
04. Danny Breaks – Rockin’ On The Tables
05. Danny Breaks – La La La (Pt1)
06. Danny Breaks – Jellyfish
07. Eric B and Rakim – Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix)
08. Massive Attack ft Mos Def – I Against I
09. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Bassnectar Remix)
10. Pharcyde – (Phillipians Remix)
11. Danny Breaks – Beat Biter (Martian Instrumental)
12. The Nextmen – Knowledge Be Born
13. Pacific heights ft Joe Dukie – Peace

Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
File size: 120MB


2 Responses to “J-Slyde – BeatMe”

  1. 1 Daniel Crantor

    Hey J-Slyde,

    I caught your set a few weeks back now and thought it was ok. The music you played was great.
    I have downloaded this and have to say although I love all the music here I found the mix somewhat disappointing. A lot of fades in & out. Also a lot of long mixes.
    I think the trick with this sort of set, especially in regards to Hip Hop is to mix for minimal amount of bars. Other brands of electronic music is great for longer mixes but this style is more of a drop in/drop out scenario.
    Also, I noticed this was fairly heavy on the effects as well. I find over use os effects takes a lot away from a mix.
    Over all I would still listen to this again because I loved the music so much (selection was easily a 9 out of 10 in my books).
    Keep spinning this shit and practise your ass off. I have heard all of your other mixes and dig the hell out of them. And I know with time you will be able to mix up a storm on this shit liek you do everything else.
    Keep up the work!

    P.S. sorry if I came across a little harsh, wasnt my intention. Just trying to voice my opinion.

    • Hey mate,
      Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it when people take the time out to constructively criticize my sets. Comments like yours help pin-point areas that need improving – and being that this is my first journey into this type of music I definitely have a long way to go!

      Its funny how you say you thought the mixes went too long – that was what I was initially aiming for. As my mixing background comes from mixing prog music, where you aim for long drawn out mixes and blends, I was hoping to convey that in this set. Most of the tracks I used I didn’t really want to cut in and out of too quickly, as I felt in doing so would detract from the original artists intention.

      Will take note on the effects scenario – I know exactly what you mean, and do tend to get carried away with them! haha

      As for the fade-in/outs – I didn’t really see any other way around using that type of transition with those tracks. I had my mind set on including ‘Green Shell Suit’ and ‘Peace’ – the opening and closing tracks, and couldn’t really see any other way around mixing in and out of them. I was actually contemplating sequencing the mix through Ableton in an effort to create seamless transitions, but decided against that as I wanted to keep the set as live as possible.

      Anyway mate, thanks again for the feedback – have taken it all into consideration and I really value everything you touched on. Lets hope I can improve on these areas in the future, as I really enjoy mixing these type of beats. And glad you’ve enjoyed the other mixes too!

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