Michal Menert – Dreaming of a Bigger Life


Pretty Lights new label has just dropped and has offered up it’s first release. In usual PL fashion they’re releasing the album in the same way as which PL’s previous albums have been: free high quality digital download with a donate feature for those that enjoy the music.

Michal Menert has taken the reigns for the first release entitled ‘Dreaming of a Bigger Life‘. Offering up a well produced 16 track funk fueled hip-hop album that does well in adopting PL’s coined musical style. It comes as no surprise that Menert’s work is similar in sound to PL’s previous offerings as he co-produced ‘Taking Up Your Precious Time‘ and has worked on numerous other pieces with PL.

For those familiar with PL’s work this album may sound a little bland, however in it’s own right it’s extremely well produced (as we’ve seen in the past with all of PL’s releases), and well constructed. Although I cant really say I was surprised to hear the same sound, you’ve got to give them credit on sticking to their guns in an attempt to push their sound.

Ultimately it’s a fantastic listen and well worth the download. It’s hard to fathom how these guys can keep offering up full albums for free! So if you like what you hear, by all means drop them a donation or grab some merch!


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