22tape – MosaicChangeTone EP


22tapeA few weeks back I received an email from a producer named 22tape. Having come across the blog, he was in the midst of doing some self-promo for an upcoming EP release of his – MosaicChangeTone. Included was a link to download said EP. Summed up in the email, he described the release as “downbeat vinylistic hip hop with a smidge of glitch” – instantly I was intrigued.

I really enjoy being confronted with music that I have no previous knowledge of. Needless to say I jumped at the chance of being offered up some fresh beats from a producer Id never heard of. When your offered up new music like that you have no expectations. There’s nothing previous to judge your listening on – you’re mind is open and the music is able to do it’s work as intended. And work the music did.

All it took was 10 seconds and I was hooked. What initially sparked my interest was the production quality – All 5 tracks have an antique, used and slightly aged feel to them, as if they’d been played straight from an old, aging stack of vinyl. It helps to give immense character to the music and by incorporating a plethora of old 60s styled samples, the beats are given a sparkling sheen that oozes maturity – a contradiction, I know, but listen and you’ll understand. The second you hit play, it’s instantly obvious that you’re listening to something very special.

22tapePersonally for me, the standout track on the album is You’re So Always. An atmospheric number that incorporates a bouncing dub-stepesque bass-line which modestly plods along underneath percussive beats. Your ears are teased by a heavenly female vocal sample which effortlessly leaps around whilst a wistful ambient melody, which I really cant put into words, blends in and out. Its lush and I really dig it.

Saloon Shwagger is somewhat of a jazz influenced number. Cheeky saxophone samples blend and bounce around with a warm bass line. Staying true to it’s title, the delayed beats induce a slight swaggered type of feeling. You can almost imagine this track being played in a movie scene where the key character looses his shit and goes on an alcohol fueled downwards spiral.

Bless You is the most up-beat of the bunch. The only track that encompasses some vocal hip-hop rhymes, it’s a really groovy number that hints on the glitch side of hip-hop.  Heavily sample based, it’s littered throughout with weird high end crunchy noises, while deep bass kicks penetrate the lower end of the sound spectrum.

An utterly magnificent offering, 22tape has set the benchmark for what we hope will be a flourishing career. The MosaicChangeTone EP is a release that stands up with high hitters such as Flying Lotus and Krush. Oozing with maturity, this is music that all experimental hip-hop fans will find appreciation in. Whilst not for the masses these are interesting, thought provoking beats with depth and intelligence. This is experimental hip-hop at it’s very finest people – and the cover art is dope, too!

22tape has offered up the full EP for free download. If you like it ensure you donate – making music isn’t free, and god knows we have to support artists such as this.

Saloon Shwagger

Bless You


You’re So Always

All Those Plans


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