Girl Talk – All Day


Girl Talk CoverThe infamous mash-up artist Girl Talk has just released his latest album for FREE! Dropped earlier this morning the server in which it was hosted has been inundated with download requests from fans across the globe. The minute I found out it was available I was straight over to the website feverishly refreshing in the hope that I could get the album onto my hard-drive and into my ears. After a few hours of trying I was finally able to secure a download. 4 hours later it was downloaded.

It’s been on repeat since then and I’m extremely pleased with the album as a whole. In usual Girl Talk fashion it’s mash-up style down to the letter. Rock, hip-hop, pop, dance, and every other conceivable acapella and sound meshed into one cohesive journey. From Portishead to Beyonce, Rick Ross to Beck, it’s all there.

The thing that really caught my attention was that not only does GT sample newer music, it’s that he also uses older music to make up his compositions. Everything from the 80s, 90s, 00s and today. In true mash-up style he covers a really broad spectrum of music to craft his own individual sound. Overall it’s a really great party album that’s bound to get people of all ages and backgrounds dancing around.

I’ve uploaded the track-split version of the album to my server for those that are still having issues downloading from his website. If your after the seamless file, you’ll have to wait for a chance to hit the official download page or find another mirror somewhere else on megaupload or something.



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