FutureDnB – Best of 2010 Compilation


FutureDnB Best of 2010DnB holds a special place in my heart. A genre I’ve been playing and listening to for quite some time now, Im always on the look-out for quality DnB in all forms and styles. Personally I’ve found alot of current DnB has been sounding quite stale, and my current intake has dwindled somewhat. I suppose one might say im not looking hard enough, which is probably true… but honestly it really hasn’t pricked my ears. A lot of stuff being released on Beatport and other digital retailers has started to sound really washed out and begun to follow a tried and tested structure. So needless to say I was quite surprised to find a 46 track compilation full of quality DnB (and some dubstep) available for free download. At first I was quite skeptical, thinking that the production levels would be low and shoddy, but upon my first listen i was instantly set back – this shit is tight!

FutureDnB are responsible for said album – a two disc compilation from a variety of the website’s producers and artists, the album takes in the best they had to offer in 2010 and gives a retrospective of the year that was. Taking in all styles and forms of DnB from the soulful liquid sounds of Dennis Sharps’ – Vanishing Point to the stripped-back percussive stylings of Parsec’s – Panther, it’s a journey through everything this diverse genre has to offer. Totaling in at 46 tracks, the compilation has something for every bass head. All provided as high-quality 320kbps MP3s they’re perfect for DJs looking for some unique fodder for their sets.

What’s best about the compilation is that I’ve been introduced to a large underground list of artists that I’ve personally never heard of. All of which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out in the future! Next to that, being that all of the tracks are unsigned and by somewhat unknown artists, they are fresh and unique – none of this overplayed stuff that you’re guaranteed to hear on every DnB compilation and Radio1 Set, this is underground music at it’s finest. Iv always found that unsigned artists tend to really push the boundaries with their productions – not concerned with sales and pleasing a label, they do what they want, which is definitely apparent throughout the compilation.

So for those that like their DnB and Dubstep, head on over to FutureDnB and download the shit out of this album! Your ears will thank you 🙂



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