Elite Force & Klaus Badult – Shockland [with bonus free 320 d/l]


ShocklandIn the pipeline for quite some time, and spurred on by the unique nature of the collaborative project in which Elite Force and Klaus Badult were commissioned to create a soundtrack for the PS3 game Motorstorm Apocalypse, the hype surrounding the Shockland album release has been huge, to say the least.

Following the progress of the album since it’s early announcement, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on how things have been progressing. Elite Force kept fans appeased with Youtube clips of the game during different production stages along with the then unfinished audio samples. Even at the early stages of production, it was obvious that we were in for something very special.

The game release came and went, and not owning a PS3 I felt rather disadvantaged at the fact I was going to miss-out on hearing some really fantastic music – imagine then my elation when a full length album release of extended and reworked versions of music from the game was announced. BRAAP!

So last month saw the monster drop. And what a drop it was! Blowing all expectations out the window, the album saw Elite Force move into dark and brooding, attitude driven, cinematic, bass-heavy beats territory – a sound we’ve seen him embracing in his solo production and remix work over the last year or so. It definitely shows that he’s at home with this type of sound, and his high-quality production techniques shine throughout – from the hard-as-nails breaks/dubstep crossover tunes like ‘Mercury Man’ and ‘Barrel Down’, to the Prodigyesque beat orientated stylings of ‘Headlong & Deepdown’, all the way through to the experimental and tripped-out offerings such as ‘Neurofunk’ and ‘The Horror‘.

And whilst Elite Force’s contribution to the project is quite significant, Klaus Badelt’s contribution must not be overlooked. For those unfamiliar with Badelt, he’s an Oscar-winning classical soundtrack composer who has worked on movies such as Pirates Of The Caribbean and Gladiator (to name a few). His influence throughout the album is quite obvious and really helps to add scope to EF’s bass-heavy production work. It’s a great team-up, and something that I’d never thought would work as well as it has. The light and shade that the pairing of the two brings is great, and definitely prompts for repeat listens.

For a taste of the album, EF has put up samples of the album on his Soundcloud. Check the player below for a taster of what to expect.

Adding to the madness, we also have an exclusive remix of EF’s which is similar in vein to the type of music contained on the soundtrack – bass-heavy dubstep breaks that are bound to destroy any and all dance-floors they encounter.
Free 320 download fo ya: Lalo Schifrin Vs Elite Force – Bullit Theme (Elite Force’s Dopestep Remix)

Anyway, if you like what you’re hearing in the samples above, make sure you show some support and buy it legit!




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