Hybrid – Classics Album


Yesterday saw pre-order’s go live on Distinctive Records website for Hybrid’s long awaited Classic’s album. A special edition 4 disc box-set, apparently only available via the Distinctive Recs website, the album relives some of the groups finest achievements since their first album, Wide Angle, was released in 1999. The 4 disc set covers every corner of the Hybrid spectrum featuring: Classics (with an exclusive remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’), Instrumental + Remixes, Orchestral, and Cinematic Soundscapes. The track listing is impressive, with a heap of hard to find remixes and unreleased material.

If you’re as big a fan as I am, you would’ve been pretty excited to hear the news that the album was now available to pre-order. Yet, when I jumped onto the Distinctive site I was confronted with a price tag I did not expect and an extremely shoddy web-store. Costing it up, including postage, it was going to cost over US$90 to get the 4 CD box-set delivered. Perhaps if it were a Vinyl release, I could justify the amount, but for a CD release I was a little bit skeptical. Distinctive fail to offer any extra information about the actual release, other than the track listing of the album – no information on the way its packaged or displayed, and definitely no photos of said box – yet they’re asking fans to cough up a premium figure. It just doesn’t make sense. Somewhat disillusioned by the whole fiasco, I did a little bit of digging and found out some interesting stuff via Hybrid’s Facebook page…

Reply from Hybrid to a fan:

This is a limited edition box set which will only ever be available through Distinctive Records and maybe via our website if Distinctive will sell us some copies. Distinctive Records owns all our music and it is them who are organising and pricing this entire release, apart from our name at the top, the release has not been organised in any way by ourselves. We as yet don’t have the details of the extra CD that is being offered by Distinctive, which is why we can’t give you any more details. It may be hard to believe, but we are almost as in the dark as you are! We will pass your grievances onto Distinctive and we’re sorry that you feel ripped off.

Email reply from Distinctive:

With regard to the posting costs. It is a large item (over 12″ square) and will be of substantial weight (aprox 1kg), plus the materials to wrap the box securely and the time it takes to manually pack the item. It all mounts up and costs us money to do. We do understand that it may seem that we are over charging for the postage, but we really are doing our best to keep these prices as low as possible. I hope you understand that we appreciate your support, and it really isn’t us trying to charge excessive postage on a large and heavy item.

Shedding a bit of light on the issue, it helps to know that the box-set is substantial in weight, and size. It’s sad to hear that Hybrid haven’t really had any type of creative control over the release, which makes you question how much, if any, money they’ll see. Despite all of that, the album is impressive and more than likely to be the last album release we’ll see from the group – at-least under the Distinctive label!

Whilst you make up your minds here’s a snippet from their exclusive Depeche Mode remix:

And, of-course, the track list!


01 Finished Symphony
02 If I Survive
03 True To Form (Acoustic mix)
04 Higher Than A Skyscraper
05 Dogstar
06 Keep It In The Family
07 Just For Today
08 Formula Of Fear
09 Disappear Here
10 Break My Soul
11 Enjoy The Silence

Instrumentals + Remixes

01 Sinequanon (Instrumental)
02 True To Form (Instrumental)
03 Choke (Instrumental)
04 Until Tomorrow (Instrumental)
05 Dogstar (Instrumental)
06 If I Survive (VIP Mix)
07 Kill City (VIP Mix)
08 Experiment IV
09 Dogstar (Trent Cantrelle Remix)
10 Fifty Dollar Pistol (Shifter & Carvell Remix)


01 Opening Credits
02 If I Survive (Orchestral version)
03 Dreaming Your Dreams (Orchestral version)
04 Snyper (Orchestral version)
05 Finished Symphony (Orchestral version)
06 Blackout (Orchestral version)
07 Dogstar (Orchestral version)
08 Keep It In The Family (Orchestral version)
09 I Choose Noise (Orchestral version)
10 Falling Down (Orchestral version)
11 Can You Hear Me (Orchestral version)
12 Disappear Here (Orchestral version)
13 Empire (Orchestral version)
14 Break My Soul (Orchestral version)
15 Numb (Orchestral version)

Cinematic Soundscape

01 This Is What It Means (Rewinded Edit)
02 Everything Is Brand New
03 In Good We Trust
04 Higher Than A Skyscraper (Beatless Mix)
05 Just For Today (Beatless Mix)
06 Sea Chase
07 True To Form (Soundtrack Edit)
08 Orbit
09 Cascade
10 Bound And Gagged
11 The Drop
12 Menace
13 Marrakech (Omen Edit)
14 Lights Go Down Knives Come Out
15 Last Man Standing (Ambient Mix)
16 Mr Smith
17 Joyrider
18 Hooligan

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