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Summer is hands-down my favourite season. Negating the fact my apartment has no AC, I pretty much love everything about it. The seasonal-shift coming out of the colder months is easily the best part. The injection of vitamin D is cleansing. Everyone starts to smile, outside activities become the norm, beer gardens pack out, the […]

Music from the likes of Burial, Boards Of Canada, DJ Shadow, Alix Perez, Bibio, Lapalux, Mister Lies, Tensnake, The XX, Matthew Dear and a whole heap more.

The next edition in the Prognosis Promo series has just landed! Put together in prep for the June 18th event being held in sunny Melbourne, resident and highly talented Prog-bomber, Aaron Static, has stepped up to mix the third installment. Perfectly summing up the style of Prog-House Aaron has been pushing both in his production and DJing work, it’s a 60 minute journey full of exclusive unreleased tracks, along with a storming remix from the man himself.

Put together a one hour promo mix for the upcoming White Noise event on May 6th at First Floor. It’s a combination of all things breaks with both old and new tracks throughout. Due to the nature of the event and the fact that the White Noise krew are more known for their dark 4/4 genres, the idea was to cover as much Breakbeat related scope as possible whilst not going too underground. Starting out on a banger to grab some attention, the first half is funky and upbeat with some more commercial tracks thrown in – the last half covers the Progressive side of things.

Been a while since my last post, so thought it was about time I got some new music flowing. Been hard at work on the decks lately and put together this mix. Clocks in at just under 80 mins. Combination of all things house; Progressive, Techno and everything in between. It’s relatively laid-back, but still with a funky vibe. Starts off with some Tech-House related tunes, later moving into some deep Prog.

Spurred on by a thread over at ITM, and with a large hand from deck whom hooked me up with all the sets, I’ve been able to upload a heap of old-school harder edged type mixes from in and around the Melbourne area from clubs such as Hard Kandy, Bass Station and Wet Musik. Recorded around the late 90s to early 2000s they do well in capturing the awesome vibe that was alive in our flourishing rave scene “back in the day”.

In the lead-up to Ninja Tune’s XX Boxset release, which marks their 20th birthday, the label have been giving away a selection of free downloads via their XX mini-site. Each week a new artist is highlighted and some free music is given away. Over the past few weeks there’s been some fantastic tunes from the […]

Blogged by Flying Lotus over a year ago on the Brainfeeder site, this mix is apparently FlyLo’s “first real glimpse into the mind of The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer”.
I haven’t been able to find much more info other then what was posted with the original blog post here, but what I can tell you from personal listening is that it’s a solid 70min journey through everything that the ‘beats’ genre has to offer. Spaced out, acidic-fueled, bass-heavy hip-hop blended with whacked out dusty samples, guitar riffs, dis-jointed piano rolls, and everything else you never thought you’d find being blended into this type of music. For those familiar with GLK, you’ll know not to second guess anything he ever does and this mix is a true testament to that. Similar in vein to a lot of Shadow’s early work, this is a mix all beat heads should have in their library.

Warning! Shameless self promotion contained within. 😉 Few weeks back I was booked for a down tempo hip-hop and trip-hop set. Genre’s Id never previously had the opportunity to play to a live crowd, and with being such a huge lover of hip-hop, trip-hop and all the beats genres (as you’ll probably notice from trawling […]

Im extremely picky when it comes to the mashup style, shit lets be truthful, I’m picky with all the music I listen to, but its safe to say I’m slightly more critical when it comes to zee mash. I adore forward thinking music and find that a majority of mashup DJs tend to regurgitate the same old ideas over and over again: Drop well known track, play for a few bars, drop another, rinse and repeat. The mentality of “seen one mashup DJ, seen them all” in most cases rings true.