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22tape, whom you might remember from this earlier post, has just offered up a tasty remix of The Glitch Mob’s ‘Drive It Like You Stole It’. Compiled for the official ‘Remix It Like You Stole It’ competition, 22tape is in the running to be featured on TGM’s upcoming Drink The Sea remix album. A well deserving prize imo!

Somewhat of a new comer on the Breaks and Electro scene, Peo De Pitte has offered up some extremely solid releases in the small time he’s been active. Hailing from Sweden he’s just opened his own label ‘FlatOut Records’ – dropping a selection of intelligent dance tracks that have helped breathe fresh life into a […]

A month or so ago Elite Force ran a comp on Facebook asking for suggestions on new tracks to “Revamp”. There was an absolutely mental amount of entries, with the winning suggestion being a Midnight Juggernauts track called ‘Tombstone’. Quite amped at the fact that EF chose a Melbourne based group, which is coincidentally my […]

I love discovering new music, even moreso when I don’t expect it. It happened today whilst I was surfing Youtube for some Flying Lotus vid clips. Having a quick browse I noticed a video of a remix of ‘Do The Astral Plane’ – my favourite track from his new album ‘Cosmogramma’. The original is a […]