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New to my ears, Star Slinger popped up after a friend dropped me a recommendation on Facebook (thanks Ciaren!). All it really took was one listen and my interest was sparked. His sublime, melodic beats, weaved together with pitched up soul vocals, and on-point sampling, went down a treat. A quick trawl through his Soundcloud […]

It’s great to see the ways in which artists are attempting to combat the current issue of pirating and illegal downloading. The internet has become the basis of a worldwide network where finding any piece of music can be easily done online for free and with little effort. To stay ahead of the game and […]

I’ve been kind of slack with updating the blog as of late. Busy in the midst of organizing Substance’s 2nd Birthday event, and trying to get the new Substance website online. It’s kind of taken up all of my spare time and unfortunately the blog has had to take a back seat. Anyway, over the […]

The musical bombardment over the past few weeks has been out of control! With so many mix sets and free downloads hitting my desktop, Iv hardly even gotten the chance to listen to it all, let alone drop blog posts on everything. So I thought id do a summary of some of the more noteworthy stoof that’s been rocking my “casbah”. Read on for a smathering of freely downloadable music that I’ve deemed: “not shit”.

Elite Force is at it again! The kid has been unstoppable, with just having finished completing his Australian tour, he’s straight back into business with yet another free Re-Fix. Following on from his previously released free Re-Fixes, this release is yet another DJ friendly high quality mash.

In Feb 2010 Elite Force is set to release a new album of mashups, remixes and edits. Cleverly self titled ‘RE:VAMPED’, this album plans to showcase Elite Force’s insane ability to rework already brilliant tracks and turn them into something of his own. As of late he’s been on the forefront of the breakbeat sound – pushing the more aggressive sound and helping to show that breaks sure aint’ dead!

Unless you’ve been living in some kind of subterranean hippy commune for the last year, you’re bound to be familiar with the freshas-all-hell Tempter Trap. Over the past few months we’ve seen a bevvy of producers jumping onboard the remix train to give the TT’s tracks a club re-work. A few have done them justice, with others falling short. One producer that hasn’t fallen short of the mark is breakbeat gone indie-electro mogul; Adam Freeland.

To help celebrate the launch of the blog, I decided to make available a mash I did a while ago.