DextroWoke up this morning to this Tweet:

ALL Dextro back catalogue releases, now available for FREE download @ Bandcamp in mp3, wav, & other file formats. Enjoy.

Needless to say this is BIG NEWS. For those unfamiliar with the brilliance that is Dextro you now have the chance to get extremely intimate with his entire back catalogue, completely free of charge! This is essential listening for any and all that are partial to chill-out and ambient music. By far Dextro is one of my favourite chill-out/ambient producers. Similar in sound to Boards Of Canada, Dextro is the moniker of Scottish producer Ewan Mackenzie. Primarily he produces music that takes on influences from a broad-range of genre’s from rock, folk music, ambient and electronica and rolls them all into a ball of warm heart-felt beats. His production has an epic cinematic feel that begs for you to let your mind wander and dream. Words don’t really do his music justice.

Instead allow me to introduce to you one of my favourite pieces: Destroy The Future Of All Mankind. Taken from his 2006 album Consequence Music:

Available for free download via his Bandcamp site are his two most famous albums Winded and Consequence Music along with his Zero Circle E.P and a demo CDR from 2002 titled Cymbalic. All highly deserving of a look-in.

To download for free simply put in a “0” payment amount after you click the “Buy Now” link.


Further Info:
Official Website

TeebsSince his debut album Ardour, Teebs has been converting ears to his unique take on the glitch genre. Taking a somewhat ambient approach he’s created a genre within a genre. Ambient, sublime and laid-back disjointed beats that meld beautifully to create an urban landscape with organic overtones. I’ve been a convert since I was first introduced and have been closely following his progress since.

A few weeks back he released a limited edition hand-painted B-Sides counterpart of a selection of out-takes and remixes from Ardour. Only 150 were made and they sold out in under a day. For those that were unlucky enough to miss out on securing one you’ll be happy to know that Teebs has now made available a previously unreleased CDR from 2009. Similar in vein to the B-Sides release, the unnamed 2009 CDR contains a total of 10 tracks containing a selection of unreleased pieces and alternate versions of music that didn’t originally make the cut for Ardour or the B-Sides.

Never intended to see the light of day, whats contained within gives a glimpse into the journey his music has taken and how it has transformed in the lead-up to the release of his phenomenal debut album.

1. M.A.H. BBC Radio 1 Mix. (15 mins)
2. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent
3. Untitled 4
4. Humming Birds (unmastered)
5. Wind Loop
6. Youve Changed (unfinished cut)
7. Hi Hat. (unreleased populous remix)
8. Personal Winter
9. Blessed Assurance
10. Monterey Park Bells



FutureDnB Best of 2010DnB holds a special place in my heart. A genre I’ve been playing and listening to for quite some time now, Im always on the look-out for quality DnB in all forms and styles. Personally I’ve found alot of current DnB has been sounding quite stale, and my current intake has dwindled somewhat. I suppose one might say im not looking hard enough, which is probably true… but honestly it really hasn’t pricked my ears. A lot of stuff being released on Beatport and other digital retailers has started to sound really washed out and begun to follow a tried and tested structure. So needless to say I was quite surprised to find a 46 track compilation full of quality DnB (and some dubstep) available for free download. At first I was quite skeptical, thinking that the production levels would be low and shoddy, but upon my first listen i was instantly set back – this shit is tight!

FutureDnB are responsible for said album – a two disc compilation from a variety of the website’s producers and artists, the album takes in the best they had to offer in 2010 and gives a retrospective of the year that was. Taking in all styles and forms of DnB from the soulful liquid sounds of Dennis Sharps’ – Vanishing Point to the stripped-back percussive stylings of Parsec’s – Panther, it’s a journey through everything this diverse genre has to offer. Totaling in at 46 tracks, the compilation has something for every bass head. All provided as high-quality 320kbps MP3s they’re perfect for DJs looking for some unique fodder for their sets.

What’s best about the compilation is that I’ve been introduced to a large underground list of artists that I’ve personally never heard of. All of which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out in the future! Next to that, being that all of the tracks are unsigned and by somewhat unknown artists, they are fresh and unique – none of this overplayed stuff that you’re guaranteed to hear on every DnB compilation and Radio1 Set, this is underground music at it’s finest. Iv always found that unsigned artists tend to really push the boundaries with their productions – not concerned with sales and pleasing a label, they do what they want, which is definitely apparent throughout the compilation.

So for those that like their DnB and Dubstep, head on over to FutureDnB and download the shit out of this album! Your ears will thank you πŸ™‚



Girl Talk CoverThe infamous mash-up artist Girl Talk has just released his latest album for FREE! Dropped earlier this morning the server in which it was hosted has been inundated with download requests from fans across the globe. The minute I found out it was available I was straight over to the website feverishly refreshing in the hope that I could get the album onto my hard-drive and into my ears. After a few hours of trying I was finally able to secure a download. 4 hours later it was downloaded.

It’s been on repeat since then and I’m extremely pleased with the album as a whole. In usual Girl Talk fashion it’s mash-up style down to the letter. Rock, hip-hop, pop, dance, and every other conceivable acapella and sound meshed into one cohesive journey. From Portishead to Beyonce, Rick Ross to Beck, it’s all there.

The thing that really caught my attention was that not only does GT sample newer music, it’s that he also uses older music to make up his compositions. Everything from the 80s, 90s, 00s and today. In true mash-up style he covers a really broad spectrum of music to craft his own individual sound. Overall it’s a really great party album that’s bound to get people of all ages and backgrounds dancing around.

I’ve uploaded the track-split version of the album to my server for those that are still having issues downloading from his website. If your after the seamless file, you’ll have to wait for a chance to hit the official download page or find another mirror somewhere else on megaupload or something.



Been a while since my last post, so thought it was about time I got some new music flowing. Been hard at work on the decks lately and put together this mix. Clocks in at just under 80 mins. Combination of all things house; Progressive, Techno and everything in between. It’s relatively laid-back, but still with a funky vibe. Starts off with some Tech-House related tunes, later moving into some deep Prog. You’ll notice that there’s 3 artists/groups that are quite prominent throughout – Joris Voorn, D-Nox & Beckers and Quivver. Producers that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with lately. As you’ll hear, everything they touch is absolute gold. I tried to base the mix around a number of their tracks and split it into 3 parts – I feel that this helps to make the journey more interesting as it progresses. I hope there’s some out there that dig πŸ™‚

Free 320kbps download via Soundcloud. Pass it round to any and all appreciative ears!

01. Sebo K – Far Out (Joris Voorn Remix)
02. Rainer Weichhold – Reis (Carlo Lio Remix)
03. Slam – Ghost Song (Joris Voorn Remix)
04. Marshall – Just Believe (Original Mix)
05. Jay Lumen – Is Mine (Digital Only) (Original Mix)
06. Den Ishu – Expand your Mind (Original Mix)
07. Fatboy Slim & Herve – Machines Can Do The Work (Joris Voorn Does The Work Remix)
08. King Roc – A Pocket Full Of Prose (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
09. Fergie – Slazenger (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
10. Fiord – Get Up Jude (Beckers Remix)
11. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile ft Tomomi Ukumori – Cripsis (Quivver Remix)
12. Anthony Pappa & Quivver – Sofastar DJs (Original Mix)
13. Quivver – Sludge (Final Mix)
14. Quivver – Is There Anybody There (Lanks Thunderous Remix)
15. Quivver – Chasin A Feeling (Original Mix)


Spurred on by a thread over at ITM, and with a large hand from deck whom hooked me up with all the sets (thanks dude!), I’ve been able to upload a heap of old-school harder edged type mixes from in and around the Melbourne area from clubs such as Hard Kandy, Bass Station and Wet Musik. Recorded around the late 90s to early 2000s they do well in capturing the awesome vibe that was alive in our flourishing rave scene “back in the day”.

Not the type of music I usually post on this blog, this is a trip down memory lane and an ode to my roots. Back then it was all about Hard Trance, Hard Techno, Hard House and anything else with “Hard” in the title. These were the glory days of my youth when I was first discovering electronic music. This type of music holds a special place in my heart and I hope that there are others out there that will get as much enjoyment as I have in re-visiting the past. Listening to all this music brought back awesome memories of great friends, good times and out-of-control rave events (and I mean rave in the truest sense).

Anyway, direct .mp3 download links are listed below. Where applicable there are loose track-listings. Feel free to comment if you can help add to the list and hopefully we can fill in the blanks. Enjoy!!


Hard Kandy Live Sets

Ajax, Krash & Scott Alert – Energetic Mix – 12/11/01

Nexus – Live @ Kard Kandy – 15/09/00

Ajax VS Krash – Live @ Hard Kandy
01. ID
02. klubbheads higher
03. don diablo – casa del diablo
04. ajax vs krash – tough beat

Captain Tinrib – Live @ Hard Kandy

Nexus VS Scott Alert – Live @ Hard Kandy PT1
01. warp brothers – we will survive
02. asys – acid headcracker
03. nick sentience – ride the groove
04. angel of death – angel of death (hennes & cold remix)

Nexus VS Scott Alert – Live @ Hard Kandy PT2
05. unknown – call me poison
06. B.O.N.Y. – the hurricane
07. garry d – my own kind of style
08. olive inc – contact (jon doe remix)
09. cosmic gate – firewire (dj scot project remix)
10. jon doe – d4b
11. nick sentience & phil reynolds – Instru(mental)
12. hennes & cold – the second trip (nick sentience remix)
13. hennes & cold – the second trip (dj scot project remix)

Nick Sentience – Live @ Hard Kandy PT1

Nick Sentience – Live @ Hard Kandy PT2

Stimulant DJs – Live @ Hard Kandy – 16/11/01
01. miss shiva – dreams (paul glazby remix)
02. andy farley & bk – khemical imbalance
03. andy farley – bring it back (paul clarke & m. ramone remix)
04. fatboy slim – star 69 (what the fuck) (hard house remix)
05. stimulant djz – hoover time
06. fast floor – rock the place
07. ID
08. ID
9. artemesia – bits & pieces (uk gold remix)


Bass Station Live Sets

Bass Station on Kiss – Jason Midro VS Master Kaos – 30/11/01
01. spacecorn & artificial – inside of me
02. vanessa mae – white bird (cosmic gate remix)
03. brooklyn bounce – club bizzare (club mix)
04. ID
05. Thomas Trouble – Echoes
06. ID
07. ID
08. fallen angel – I see you in my dreams
09. ID
10. ID

Bass Station on Kiss – Master Kaos – 30/11/01
01. cosmic gate – exploration of space (green court remix)
02. ID
03. derb – africa
04. spacefrog – terminator
05. angel of death – angel of death (hennes & cold remix)
06. renegade master – renegade master (derber remix)
07. DJ Shoko vs Ground Zero – Don’t Stop
08. bass raiders – prepare to qualify (derler & klitzing remix)
09. ultrashock – sound of ‘e’
10. yoda inc – definitely (scot project remix)
11. mass effect – alpha scan

Bass Station on Kiss – Tristan Mason VS Carl Brown – 30/11/01
01. dj vortex & appas dream – incoming
02. ID
03. beam & cyrus – thunder in paradise (dj scot project remix)
04. dj spoke – are u ready 4 me
05. dave joy – first impression (s.h.o.k.k. remix)
06. Dj Scot Project – Here we go
07. derb – derb (merlyn remix)
08. bk & nick sentience – flash (nuwidol remix)
09. legend b – lost in love (paul janes remix)
10. D-Sigual – Backorder
11. Wavescope – Emotions

Bass Station on Kiss – Tristan Mason VS Jewelz – 30/11/01
01. ID
02. beam vs cyrus – lifestyle
03. ID
04. dave joy – first impression (s.h.o.k.k. remix)
05. ID
06. talla 2xlc – come with me (dj scot project remix)
07. warp brothers – blast the speakers (remix)
08. ID
09. Dj Wag – Life on mars
10. ID

Kiss in the Clubs – Bass Station – 12am-2am

Jason Midro – Sound Of Now Mix 1 – PT1
01. intro
02. dj spoke – you ready 4 me
03. cosmic gate – mental atmosphere (midnight mix)
04. green court – follow me (cosmic gate remix)
05. potatoe heads – mix the master (cj stone remix)
06. unknown

Jason Midro – Sound Of Now Mix 1 – PT2
07. marc michaels – hyper intelligence
08. yakooza – cocaine (dj wag mix)
09. voodoo & serano – blood is pumpin
10. beam vs cyrus – thunder in paradise (dj scot project remix)

Jason Midro – Sound Of Now Mix 2 – PT1 – 10/11/01 vortex & appas dream – incoming
02. luna park – space melody
03. tim samsara – white wedding
04. nu-nrg – energize (remix)
05. dj darkzone – human form
06. vanessa mae – white bird (cosmic gate remix)
07. norman bass – electronic technology
08. derler & klitzing – the teacher

Jason Midro – Sound Of Now Mix 2 – PT2 – 10/11/01
09. cosmic gate – exploration of space
10. dj spoke – you’re ready 4 me
11. impegent syndrome – lowdown
12. shockwave – the prophet
13. fast forward – to madness
14. warp brothers – blast the speakers

Master Kaos – Warp Frequency Volume 1


Wet Musik Live Sets

JJJ Mixup – Will E Tell

Simon Digby & Will E Tell – Live @ Storey Hall

Umek Valentino – Wet Musick Show – 18/10/00

Will E Tell & Simon Digby – Wet Musik Show – 7/11/01

Will E Tell – Live @ Madass 5


Misc Live Sets

Caution – Live @ Adventjah Festival 2001

Caution – Live @ Adventjah Festival 2001 #1

Caution – Live @ Adventjah Festival 2001 #2

Caution – Live @ Atmosphere at The Cage – 04/01/02

Richie Rich – Hardware Show – 12/11/01

Ben Kakoschke – Akira

Kid Koala Solid Steel CoverIn the lead-up to Ninja Tune’s XX Boxset release, which marks their 20th birthday, the label have been giving away a selection of free downloads via their XX mini-site. Each week a new artist is highlighted and some free music is given away. Over the past few weeks there’s been some fantastic tunes from the likes of Bonobo, Daedelus, Todla T and Roots Manuva (to name but a few). By concentrating on established artists as well as new comers to the label such as Eskmo, whom was signed literally a few weeks into the promotion, Ninja Tune have been able to illustrate the diversity and quality that the label has become so renowned for.

This week they made available Kid Koala’s Solid Steel Mix. Never released due to licensing issues, the label thought it a fitting time to bless our ears. A big-fan of everything the Canadian marsupial touches, I have to say that this is some of his finest work. Lush, down beat, atmospheric beats, blended and scratched with subtle samples that intertwine and unfold to tell a story. It’s Koala to a T. Which makes it very good. And something I think everyone should give a chance.

If you haven’t heard of Kid Koala this is a great starting point. If you have, well there’s probably a large chance you haven’t heard this mix yet.
Anyway, I could be here all day praising it. So instead, I’ll let the music do the talking. Direct download link below.

Boards of Canada – “Everything you do is a Balloon”
Jay Jay Johanson – “I’m Older Now”
Isan – “Recently in the Sahara”
Bjork – “Amphibian”
Buckminster Fuzeboard – “Return of the Pretzel Stretch”
Autechre – “Krib”
Radiohead – “Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Air – “Le Voyage de Penelope”
Amon Tobin – “Natureland”
Bonobo – “Magic man”
Land of the Loops – “Single Girl”
The Herbaliser – “Mrs Chombee Takes the Plunge (PC Mix)”
Fembots – “John and Irene”
Funki Porcini – “Purrrfect”
White Mud Freeway – “Man With Gun Man With None”
Henry Mancini – “Moon River”
Dan the Automator – “Lonely Man”


Further info:
Ninja Tune XX Site
Kid Koala

22tape Remix22tape, whom you might remember from this earlier post, has just offered up a tasty remix of The Glitch Mob’s Drive It Like You Stole It. Compiled for the official Remix It Like You Stole It competition, 22tape is in the running to be featured on TGM’s upcoming Drink The Sea remix album. A well deserving prize imo!

Following in the steps of his earlier work 22tape has constructed (or should I say re-constructed) a damn tight piece of spaced out glitchy goodness. Oozing with warmth, as is standard with everything the man touches, this remix adds a whole new element to an already epic track. Moving away from the polished and highly electronic elements of the original, he’s constructed a fascinating remix full of character and depth.

The winners will be chosen by the amount of Favorites their remixes receive – so if you like what you hear, ensure you drop the track a favorite via its Soundcloud page. And be sure to check out the other entries in the comp as there’s a ton of really awesome remixes out there with heaps of downloads to be had.


Further info:
Competition Page
Soundcloud Competition Group
22tape Blog
22tape Soundcloud
22tape Facebook
Original download of Drive It Like You Stole It

Gaslamp Killers MixBlogged by Flying Lotus over a year ago on the Brainfeeder site, this mix is apparently FlyLo’s
“first real glimpse into the mind of The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer”.

I haven’t been able to find much more info other then what was posted with the original blog post here, but what I can tell you from personal listening is that it’s a solid 70min journey through everything that the ‘beats’ genre has to offer. Spaced out, acidic-fueled, bass-heavy hip-hop blended with whacked out dusty samples, guitar riffs, dis-jointed piano rolls, and everything else you never thought you’d find being blended into this type of music. For those familiar with GLK, you’ll know not to second guess anything he ever does and this mix is a true testament to that. Similar in vein to a lot of Shadow’s early abstract work, this is a mix all beat heads should have in their library.

Spark one up, sit back, relax and enjoy.

    Loose track listing (compiled by fans):
    01. 00:00 MR OIZO – Bad Start
    02. 00:44 EDAN – Rapperfection (Instrumental)
    03. 02:00 JAZZANOVA – Coffee Talk
    04. 03:46 (((dj vadim track on ussr instrumental??) NON
    04:35 COMPANY FLOW – DPA (Instrumental)
    05. 06:20 RADIOHEAD – The National Anthem
    06. 08:10 THE PRUNES – The Plot
    07. 09:48 PETE ROCK – Worldwide
    11:04 BILLY MARTIN (of MartinMedeski&Wood) – Max Moon break from Illy B Eats vol.1
    08. 11:50 THES ONE / SCARUB – Wishful Thinking (Instrumental)
    09. 12:42 EL STEW – Igloo Condo
    10. 14:42 TINO – Tuff Dub
    11. 15:37 DIVERSE – What I Do (Instrumental)
    16:42 (((??nwa – dope man remix??? )))
    12. 17:15
    13. 18:18 DAN THE AUTOMATOR & DJ SHADOW / DR OCTAGON – Waiting List (Instrumental)
    14. 19:18 ? + vocal samples from PRESAGE – The Media
    15. 21:05
    16. 22:16 BROADCAST – Microtronics 01 #1
    17. 23:29
    18. 26:08 MR CHOP – Wasp In A Jar
    19. 27:09
    20. 29:25
    29:50 PETE ROCK – Soul Brother #1
    21. 30:43
    22. 32:05
    23. 33:21 DJ KRUSH – Meiso (Instrumental)
    24. 34:24 DJ OSIRIS ft. MR DIBBS – Listen
    25. 36:30 THE ISOLATIONIST – MD81
    26. 37:33 ARSONISTS – Underground Vandal
    27. 38:35 PEANUT BUTTER WOLF – Rapedate
    28. 40:16 SIXTOO – A Work In Progress (Instrumental)
    29. 41:34 THE PRUNES – Mr Jolly Lives Next Door
    42:36 THE PRUNES – Mr Jolly Lives Next Door (Western Spaghetti Mix)
    30. 43:31 UNKLE – Guns Blazing (Instrumental)
    31. 45:40 ALL NATURAL – 50 Years (Instrumental)
    47:35 RAMSEY LEWIS – Julia
    32. 48:40 ((((spinna remix??))
    33. 49:41
    34. 50:44 XPLODING PLASTIX – Funnybones & Lazylegs
    35. 51:33 MALCOM CATTO – Copter
    36. 52:32 OTTO VON SCHIRACH – Allahkazam
    37. 53:20 QUANTIC – Fresh Rhythm
    38. 54:06 GREYBOY – Mastered The Art
    39. 55:48 PORTISHEAD – Numb (Instrumental)
    40. 57:18 VIKTOR VAUGHN – Back End (Instrumental)
    41. 60:04 THE RUNAWAYS – Finders Keepers (DJ Spinna remix)
    42. 61:20
    43. 62:43 Broadcast – ?
    44. 64:10
    45. 66:10 QUANTIC – Long Road Ahead
    46. 67:51 GRAVEDIGGAZ – 1-800 Suicide (Instrumental)


Further Info:
Original Blog Post
The Gaslamp Killer

Somewhat of a new comer on the Breaks and Electro scene, Peo De Pitte has offered up some extremely solid releases in the small time he’s been active. Hailing from Sweden he’s just opened his own label ‘FlatOut Records’ – dropping a selection of intelligent dance tracks that have helped breathe fresh life into a dieing genre.

I was first introduced to Peo when I came across his storming remix of ‘Soap’ by The Loops Of Fury. A horrific monster of a tune (in the best sense), his take on the tried and tested Electro sound instantly grabbed my attention. I had kind of written Electro off with growing tired of the commercial tinge it was taking on, and hearing said remix really made me take notice and made me realize that there’s still quality.

But back to the matter at hand! Peo is apart of the new breed of producers that has been active in providing their fans with free music. Using the means of the internet he’s been offering up unofficial remixes and some of his original tracks to appease his allready active fan-base whilst winning over many a new listener. Late last week he made available one of his finest pieces of work to date – his remix of ‘Drumattic Twins – Crazy Love’. Originally released through Finger Lickin Records, I’ve no idea how he got around the legalities of it all. But alas, Peo has made available a high quality 320kbps version for any and all to download.

Harking back to that old-school funky breaks flavor that’s reminiscent of the early 2000s, Peo has conjured up one of the finest pieces of breaks I’ve heard in a bloody long time. Funk-fueled beats, spiced up with attitude that you cant help but find yourself wiggling yo ass to! And whilst its guaranteed to appeal to all newer lovers of EDM, it’s also sure to spark a chord in any of us old-schoolers out there. I couldn’t help but think that this is definitely something you could’ve heard the Plumps and Rennie pumping out “back in the day”.

Anyway, direct download available below. If you like what you hear ensure you sign up to Peo’s newsletter to keep up to date on any and all future releases.


Further info:
Newsletter signup