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The third release in my Beats mix series! Following on from my previous offerings, Beating Me Up and Beating Me Around, I’ve done my best not to be constrained by genre or style, spanning a whole cross section of different sounds, textures and styles, all whilst attempting to convey a cohesive journey. Covering ambient, trip-hop, […]

Some of you may already be familiar with DJ Kper’s ‘Wonk Funk’, so please don’t get annoyed that im posting up old stuff, but it’s one of those mixes that’s just too good not to share. So whilst it may be old and some of you may have already heard it, those of you who have not NEED to give it some time.

The boys over at Rhythm Incursions have dropped their first podcast for twenty ten, and my cork, what a phenomenal way to start the year!

DDay One from Los Angeles has taken the reins for a concept mix constructed around a theme from a best-selling book that attempts to “motivate the listener”. The concept itself sounded a little weird at first to me, but knowing Rhythm Incursions and their insistence on second to none quality, I decided to give it a go.

Was absolutely gob-smacked when Shadow posted an update via his Facebook fan page late last week about him donating one of his Technics SL1200 Turntables to Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake appeal. The thing that got me the most, was that it wasn’t just an old 1200 he had out the back of his studio, it was one of the exact turntables he used in sampling and constructing his first album ‘Endtroducing’. One of the most prolific hiphop albums of the 90s, and one which helped pioneer the whole art of sampling. For those not in the know, it’s listed in the Guinness Book of Records for being the first ever album constructed entirely out of samples – quite an achievement if you ask me!

As promised, here’s the second part of Kper’s ‘Best Of 09’ mix. Following on smoothly from pt1 there’s heaps of great trax throughout with a ton of tunes that were new to my ears.

Kper has been busy putting together a best of 09 mix. Compiled for Rhythm Incusions it highlights all the good shite that went down in and around the glitch, hiphop and beat genres.

Im somewhat partial to ambient and chill music, especially during this time of the year where the weather heats up and the seasonal beverages are a’ chuggin. So it goes without saying that im always quick to jump onboard chillout mixes. That in mind, I was pretty chuff’d to notice that DJ KiRA had offered up a Chillout Classics mix on

A short, yet utterly sweet, downtempo Dubstep set by a producer I was previously unfamiliar with. Dropped a random download on this set and was happily surprised with what I heard. Lush, melodic and cruisy bass heavy beats – a strange combination for those used to hearing the harder side of Dubstep, this is bound to gain appreciation from not just Dubstep fans, but from lovers of all EDM.

Recorded one hungover sunday morning, i never intended on putting this online. Starting out with liquid, moving into more percussive heavier sounds and ending on a high ‘hands in the air’ tip. Pretty much just a compilation of some awesome DnB tunes that have been rocking my box.