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In the pipeline for quite some time, and spurred on by the unique nature of the collaborative project in which Elite Force and Klaus Badult were commissioned to create a soundtrack for the PS3 game Motorstorm Apocalypse, the hype surrounding the Shockland album release has been huge, to say the least.

DnB holds a special place in my heart. A genre I’ve been playing and listening to for quite some time now, Im always on the look-out for quality DnB in all forms and styles. Personally I’ve found alot of current DnB has been sounding quite stale, and my current intake has dwindled somewhat. I suppose one might say im not looking hard enough, which is probably true… but honestly it really hasn’t pricked my ears. A lot of stuff being released on Beatport and other digital retailers has started to sound really washed out and begun to follow a tried and tested structure. So needless to say I was quite surprised to find a 46 track compilation full of quality DnB (and some dubstep) available for free download. At first I was quite skeptical, thinking that the production levels would be low and shoddy, but upon my first listen i was instantly set back – this shit is tight!

It’s great to see the ways in which artists are attempting to combat the current issue of pirating and illegal downloading. The internet has become the basis of a worldwide network where finding any piece of music can be easily done online for free and with little effort. To stay ahead of the game and […]

Kper has been busy putting together a best of 09 mix. Compiled for Rhythm Incusions it highlights all the good shite that went down in and around the glitch, hiphop and beat genres.

A bit slow on the uptake here, I’ve only just come across the recent colab from Four Tet and Burial. A fan of everything the icey dubstep producer Burial (aka William Bevan) touches, and a newly introduced lover of Four Tet’s (aka Kieran Hebden) unique blend of hiphop beats and jazz elements, i was rather excited when news of the colab first hit my ears. Needless to say i was quick to source out further information about the release.

K-Per, our favourite Italian-born beats DJ, has just dropped a damn-fresh live set from a recent gig he did down in Italy. He was invited to be inhouse DJ for a DJ Battle event where he ended up taking the stage for close to 6 hours over the course of the night. This set is a summation of what went down over the course of the night.

In Feb 2010 Elite Force is set to release a new album of mashups, remixes and edits. Cleverly self titled ‘RE:VAMPED’, this album plans to showcase Elite Force’s insane ability to rework already brilliant tracks and turn them into something of his own. As of late he’s been on the forefront of the breakbeat sound – pushing the more aggressive sound and helping to show that breaks sure aint’ dead!

San Francisco based breakbeat/dubstep/glitch producer Eskmo has just dropped an exclusive mix set for Chock full of his own productions, remixes and bootlegs, the 30min set highlights the producer’s newer dubstepish glitch direction. As tight as a three year old, this mix is an attitude driven journey through the rumbling low end of current EDM.

A short, yet utterly sweet, downtempo Dubstep set by a producer I was previously unfamiliar with. Dropped a random download on this set and was happily surprised with what I heard. Lush, melodic and cruisy bass heavy beats – a strange combination for those used to hearing the harder side of Dubstep, this is bound to gain appreciation from not just Dubstep fans, but from lovers of all EDM.