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In the pipeline for quite some time, and spurred on by the unique nature of the collaborative project in which Elite Force and Klaus Badult were commissioned to create a soundtrack for the PS3 game Motorstorm Apocalypse, the hype surrounding the Shockland album release has been huge, to say the least.

Put together a one hour promo mix for the upcoming White Noise event on May 6th at First Floor. It’s a combination of all things breaks with both old and new tracks throughout. Due to the nature of the event and the fact that the White Noise krew are more known for their dark 4/4 genres, the idea was to cover as much Breakbeat related scope as possible whilst not going too underground. Starting out on a banger to grab some attention, the first half is funky and upbeat with some more commercial tracks thrown in – the last half covers the Progressive side of things.

A month or so ago Elite Force ran a comp on Facebook asking for suggestions on new tracks to “Revamp”. There was an absolutely mental amount of entries, with the winning suggestion being a Midnight Juggernauts track called ‘Tombstone’. Quite amped at the fact that EF chose a Melbourne based group, which is coincidentally my […]

I’ve been kind of slack with updating the blog as of late. Busy in the midst of organizing Substance’s 2nd Birthday event, and trying to get the new Substance website online. It’s kind of taken up all of my spare time and unfortunately the blog has had to take a back seat. Anyway, over the […]

The musical bombardment over the past few weeks has been out of control! With so many mix sets and free downloads hitting my desktop, Iv hardly even gotten the chance to listen to it all, let alone drop blog posts on everything. So I thought id do a summary of some of the more noteworthy stoof that’s been rocking my “casbah”. Read on for a smathering of freely downloadable music that I’ve deemed: “not shit”.

Elite Force is at it again! The kid has been unstoppable, with just having finished completing his Australian tour, he’s straight back into business with yet another free Re-Fix. Following on from his previously released free Re-Fixes, this release is yet another DJ friendly high quality mash.

Earlier this week Triple J featured two very special mixups from Elite Force and NAPT. In preparation for their tours down under over the new years break, they outlay what we can expect when they touch down. Both mixes have been constructed extremely well, with a bevy of dance-floor-friendly stormers throughout.

In Feb 2010 Elite Force is set to release a new album of mashups, remixes and edits. Cleverly self titled ‘RE:VAMPED’, this album plans to showcase Elite Force’s insane ability to rework already brilliant tracks and turn them into something of his own. As of late he’s been on the forefront of the breakbeat sound – pushing the more aggressive sound and helping to show that breaks sure aint’ dead!