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The third release in my Beats mix series! Following on from my previous offerings, Beating Me Up and Beating Me Around, I’ve done my best not to be constrained by genre or style, spanning a whole cross section of different sounds, textures and styles, all whilst attempting to convey a cohesive journey. Covering ambient, trip-hop, […]

Put together a one hour promo mix for the upcoming White Noise event on May 6th at First Floor. It’s a combination of all things breaks with both old and new tracks throughout. Due to the nature of the event and the fact that the White Noise krew are more known for their dark 4/4 genres, the idea was to cover as much Breakbeat related scope as possible whilst not going too underground. Starting out on a banger to grab some attention, the first half is funky and upbeat with some more commercial tracks thrown in – the last half covers the Progressive side of things.

Iv been on a massive Tech-house and Minimal binge as of late. There’s something that I find extremely rewarding when mixing with said genres. Those slight adjustments and little tweaks that can totally change a track. The way the tracks are used as building blocks, enabling you to create and structure a musical journey.

Some of you may already be familiar with DJ Kper’s ‘Wonk Funk’, so please don’t get annoyed that im posting up old stuff, but it’s one of those mixes that’s just too good not to share. So whilst it may be old and some of you may have already heard it, those of you who have not NEED to give it some time.

I come across a heap of really awesome music via my net travels. Nearly everything I stumble upon I post through my Twitter account. All the tunes and info I share is Blog-worthy, yet I really don’t have that much time available to keep up to date with it all. So for those that aren’t […]

Our very own Melbourne boy Anthony Pappa has just dropped a golden nugget on his Soundcloud account. His NYD set from Trust Us in its full 3 hour entirety! For those that weren’t there to witness the progtastic set he graced the Trust Us crowd with, this is your chance to hear what you missed! […]

The boys over at Rhythm Incursions have dropped their first podcast for twenty ten, and my cork, what a phenomenal way to start the year!

DDay One from Los Angeles has taken the reins for a concept mix constructed around a theme from a best-selling book that attempts to “motivate the listener”. The concept itself sounded a little weird at first to me, but knowing Rhythm Incursions and their insistence on second to none quality, I decided to give it a go.

It’s amazing what you find when trawling through random WordPress blogs. Imagine my surprise when I came across this amazing piece of golden audio bliss. Randomly jumping from link to link via those “possibly related posts” that are automatically generated underneath blog posts, i noticed two words that instantly caught my attention – ‘Four’ and ‘Tet’. Fully reading the title I then noticed the year 2010. A quick mental check and I realised that it was indeed a fairly current post. So without hesitation I clicked. What I came across made me happy in my pants. So whilst I reached for the tissues, I hit the download on Four Tet’s; ‘There is Love in you Promotion Mix January 2010’ – a Promo mix he’s done for the release of his upcoming album ‘There is Love In You’

Krafty Kuts has recently jumped on and registered himself an account. I happened to stumble across his profile last week and was stoked to find that he had a veritable smorgasbord of live sets up for grabs. 7 sets to be precise, all chock full of the music we’ve come to know and love Krafty playing. Breaks, beats, funk, hiphop – you want it, he’s got it! Spanning almost the entirety of his DJing career, there’s old and new alike, with more recent shit, all the way down to older shit from 2001!

As promised, here’s the second part of Kper’s ‘Best Of 09’ mix. Following on smoothly from pt1 there’s heaps of great trax throughout with a ton of tunes that were new to my ears.