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Put together a one hour promo mix for the upcoming White Noise event on May 6th at First Floor. It’s a combination of all things breaks with both old and new tracks throughout. Due to the nature of the event and the fact that the White Noise krew are more known for their dark 4/4 genres, the idea was to cover as much Breakbeat related scope as possible whilst not going too underground. Starting out on a banger to grab some attention, the first half is funky and upbeat with some more commercial tracks thrown in – the last half covers the Progressive side of things.

Unkle’s new album, ‘Where Did The Night Fall’, is set for release on May 10th. An avid fan of everything Lavelle creates under the Unkle banner, I’ve been following them ever since I was first introduced. From their first album, the hip-hop orientated ‘Psyence Fiction’ to their last release, the alternative-rock ladened ‘War Stories’, I thoroughly enjoy everything they touch. Never ones to stick with the one sound and forever changing with the times, WDTNF is set to break new ground for the group.