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Some of you may already be familiar with DJ Kper’s ‘Wonk Funk’, so please don’t get annoyed that im posting up old stuff, but it’s one of those mixes that’s just too good not to share. So whilst it may be old and some of you may have already heard it, those of you who have not NEED to give it some time.

As promised, here’s the second part of Kper’s ‘Best Of 09’ mix. Following on smoothly from pt1 there’s heaps of great trax throughout with a ton of tunes that were new to my ears.

Kper has been busy putting together a best of 09 mix. Compiled for Rhythm Incusions it highlights all the good shite that went down in and around the glitch, hiphop and beat genres.

K-Per, our favourite Italian-born beats DJ, has just dropped a damn-fresh live set from a recent gig he did down in Italy. He was invited to be inhouse DJ for a DJ Battle event where he ended up taking the stage for close to 6 hours over the course of the night. This set is a summation of what went down over the course of the night.